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The Scenic Route’s Detour – A World of Warcraft-inspired Short

November 12, 2011


Lonewulf as he was on 12NOV2011

It’s no secret that I play World of Warcraft.  I’ve actually been playing (almost daily) since June or July of 2009.  I started out as a male Night Elf Hunter and played ONLY a male Night Elf Hunter for about a year. I also had a Druid whose name I was saving for the then-announced Cataclysm, but he’s since become an off-played alt for when I don’t want to do anything important, as well as randomly creating characters to try the starting zones only to kill them off a few days later on way back to my original.  When the Shattering hit, I created a Tauren hunter so I could learn the new hunter’s setup without looking too much a fool on my original character.  I now sit on a half-dozen hunters (yeah, I like hunters, so sue me) of different races and factions, a few priests, a paladin, a pair of druids, and one shaman who is the biggest standout of all my characters because there’s a really weird back story behind it.  All in all, I think I have 16 characters floating around out there.  I play a lot…

Lonewulf's Pets

Who doesn't like having huge animals around?

Anywho, one of the biggest things I found myself enjoying the most was the social aspect of the game.  There were all kinds of people all over the place!  Some of them were nice, friendly, chatty, while others were elitist pricks.  Being on a Player versus Enemy server (PvE) without it being a RolePlay (RP-PvE) server, I figured there would be little room for me to be roleplaying.  Boy, was I wrong!  I quickly developed friendships with people who were almost as heavy into RP as I was!  Not so much the over-the-top, “Oh my God, you broke character, how dare you shatter my pretend world” type roleplayers but people who would do some friendly introductions and play-bantering.  I had a blast!  I even had a 45-minute conversation with a Game Master (GM, someone who actually has a lot of power in the game, hired by Blizzard to help players out, interact with the world, and institute instantaneous justice when needed) that started because I was trying to get a particular name on a new realm (sadly, that failed) and then progressed to what it’s like being a GM, crybaby players on the forums, and then a little bit of actual light roleplay with the GM to help them understand that roleplaying is all about writing out your actions, thoughts, expressions, and emotions and not so much having some awesome character in mind.  Then again, being a GM, you’re practically a GOD on the game.  A god that can be fired for causing issues, but a god nonetheless.  (more…)


The Dream-Stalkers – Of Dreams and Nightmares

October 11, 2011

Writing recently has been… Interesting…

I’m not sure what it’s been recently, but I just haven’t been able to really write anything that I’m happy with.  I’ll sit down and write for a while and then decide it’s crap and scrap it.  It’s begun taking a conscious effort to NOT just delete an hour or two’s writing because something just felt off with it.  That includes this piece, Dream Stalkers part 5.  I started writing this one three times before I was finally happy with what I started with.  Either the wording was bad or I felt the flow was off or something.  The first one I did, I didn’t even re-read it.  I just said, “It’s crap,” and closed the window, no saves.

The other day was different.  The words just fell into place and I was happy with it from word one on.  I’m not sure what was different about it, but I’m glad it finally worked out!

So, without further ado, the writing that I’m sure some of you have been waiting for, The Dream-Stalkers – Of Dreams and Nightmares!

“Mother, I don’t think you’d ever be that cruel.” Tatiana’s voice was rushed as she worked to get a room ready for herself, the Queen Mother Lasha, and the human-formed werewolf that the queen considered to be her daughter, Elisa. “It doesn’t make sense, not with how hard you work to keep the peace between humans, vampires, and werewolves.”

Elisa, dressed in loose-fitting slacks and a flowing blouse, chimed in as well. “She’s right, mom. You’re nothing but the utmost in niceness, why would you claim to have such a past?” (more…)

The Dream-Stalkers: Vampiress’s Summons

August 9, 2011

Well, looky here!  I done did me some writing, yup.

It’s been a while since I’ve completed a writing piece.  I’m sure that more were hoping for a No Way Back chapter, but this is what wound up coming out: The Dream-Stalker: Vampiress’s Summons!  This would be basically piece 4 in The Dream-Stalkers and it’s not bad, if you ask me.  If flow goes right, there’ll be one more and that’s the end of the sequence.  I’m surprised it worked this well all considering the source of the story: one hell of a painful nightmare.

So, without further ado, The Dream-Stalkers: Vampiress’s Summons!  (After the jump…) (more…)

Holiday’s Lack of Posts

December 29, 2010

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, there’s been an unusual lack of anything at all for the past week or so.  Between feeling sick, work, my son, and generally not feeling well, I haven’t had much to post. 

I know it’s a week (or more, depending) late, but I hope everyone is having happy holidays.  Mine are going generally well.  It turns out that my son can not only stand on his own but has become an accomplished climber.  The day after Christmas my wife and I found him on top of the dog food bin.  We pulled him down and he climbed right back onto it!  That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that we were using that bin to keep him out of the kitchen after our dog tore up the divider we’d made.  Back to the drawing board, I suppose. 

I’ll be honest: All of my writing has been on a stand-still.  Part of that has been my self-inflicted exhaustion.  Being up all hours of the night on World of Warcraft have left me with no battery in reserve.  Although I was planning on being in bed early last night, my Kikat told me that if I didn’t go to bed (at 9:30), she was going to take away all of my game consoles!  All because I was trying to download a -censored as per confidentiality agreement-, and I wanted to make sure it finished!  I’ve also been lacking in motivation recently.  I have a suspicion that that’s part of being tired, though, so we’ll see how much that’s affected by my new attempts at resting. 

Anywho, here’s hoping that I can pick up slack again soon!  I really like doing my writings and can’t wait to get that drive back.

Request Completed! TDS: Dreaming of their Nightmares

December 17, 2010

There have been a few of you who have asked me for even MORE Dream-Stalkers.  At first, all I could think of was, “Well, Damn, and I thought I was the crazy one!”  However, you seem to be chomping at the bit for more Dream-Stalkers, so I’ve decided to oblige you. 

At first, though, I honestly was terrified of the idea.  The whole writing was based off of a nightmare!  How could people want to read it?  A discussion with another would-be author helped make sense of it.  She told me that people love to read drama and see strong emotions in the writing.  Drama?  Check!  Emotion?  Check!  Hmmm…  Luckily, some “inspiration” helped get it started after the, oh, tenth or fifteenth request.  Hope you like it!  Oh, and if you’re looking for “No Way Back,” don’t worry, it’s coming.  =^_^=

It is posted here, but I’m giving some warnings.  First there are a few mentions of nudity, but nothing descript.  There is, however, a fair amount of descriptive pain and some blood/gore.  You Have Been Warned. (more…)

More Writing? How About…

December 11, 2010

The oft-requested addition to The Dream-Stalkers.  This “chapter?”  The Trial of the Vampiress.  If you never read the original, it’s here, on deviantArt.  To read it there, you’ll need a deviantArt account that allows mature material. 

I know that there’s a misprint somewhere on here, but I can’t remember where off-hand.  Once I find it, I’ll fix it.   (Edit: Found one of them and fixed it.  I know there’s another couple…)

Lastly, due to the mature nature of the previous story, you’ll have to read it from the page itself.  If you get the whole thing via e-mail, well consider yourself warned.  (more…)

No Way Back – Chapter 26 – Short, but Ready.

December 1, 2010

I’m still in a weird funk.  I’m trying to write, but it’s just not happening so well.  I did, however, get past a specific hump with this chapter, yay! 

However, there’s been some suggestion that I stop posting my chapters and, instead, show excerpts to give people reasons to buy the book if it gets published.  So, maybe, just maybe, this is the last FULL chapter that will see the light of interwebz.  Enjoy!

Chapter 26

 It took a few minutes for Chi’bi to finally calm herself. It apparently helped that I was trying to not be angry with the woman as it almost seemed that she could feel my mood shift. Shortly after, and for the next few hours, she began teaching me the differences between the control scheme that I was used to and the standard configuration on the ‘Bots. It really wasn’t a lot, mostly certain controls were placed to be obviously used as last-resort options. Another large difference was the connectivity to the nanite grouping that Nishka had implanted earlier. Another implant and a zap later and I was ready to link live with the machine directly. Chi’bi explained that many of the “hardcore” pilots actually had a dataport installed into their skulls to connect directly to the machines. Apparently the physical connection reduced the already miniscule latency that came from the short wireless connection. When I asked how much of a difference, she wouldn’t tell me. All I could get from her was, until I’m more used to the physical machine’s workings, it would not help me in any real way. (more…)