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Navi says, “Hey! Listen!”

November 9, 2011

For no real reason, I went into my library and pulled out a book I’d not read since I finished it the first time. It was the second manga I’d ever purchased, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Vol. 1. Yes, it is most definitely real. Anyway, as I read it, I developed the urge to listen to the game music. Then the idea struck me: Why listen to it when I can PLAY it! WOOT!

So, I set about hunting down the GameCube game disc that I adopted from my wife. I found it, got all excited and then remembered something: My Wii is broken. The optical drive no longer reads discs. I was further saddened to remember that my wife made me sell the GameCube to afford the Wii. And I don’t have any Wii/Gamecube emulators on my computer. What was I to do?

That’s easy! I pulled out my Donkey Kong 64 edition clear-green N64! You read that right! The same piece of hardware I bought brand-spankin’-new in 1999 (and pissed my parents off with because they had intended to buy it for me for Christmas) was my 2011 hardware of choice!

I learned a few things. First, the AV cables don’t stay soft and supple forever. If you have any way of protecting any plastic/vinyl-covered cables, make sure to do so BEFORE storing your consoles. Second, I learned that my 720P Westinghouse flatpanel differentiates between S-Video and Video. It only took me 20 minutes of arguing with my television and listening to the awesome theme song of DK64 to discover this. How did I discover it? I turned on “Auto Input Select” and it went to what I’d labeled “Cable”. *facepalm* Third, I learned that I’d forgotten to take the batteries out of my Rumble Pack. *double-facepalm* Luckily it’s just some mild surface corrosion on the spring and contact, so I’ll be able to fix it. Fourth, I discovered that big, red start buttons attract the attention of children very well. I can’t tell you how often my son hit Start on me. It was hilarious anyways! Finally, I discovered that I really, REALLY need to replace the analog sticks on two of my controllers. At least I have 2 nice, firm thumbsticks in the back.

I also learned that Nintendo did something that I hadn’t realized until today: They tuned their consoles to work with the typically-fuzzier displays of the time. I remember my games looking nice, the glowing lines flowing and just beautiful. On my new, higher-definition display that doesn’t show the “fuzz” so well. There’s so much jagged imagery that I thought my console was broken! It’s not. The games were just designed for an entirely different light display. the cost of playing classic games on hi-def TV’s, I guess.

Ultimately it didn’t bother me much. I was too busy starting a fresh save file on Ocarina of Time and reveling in my old, senior-in-high-school fun times. Those were the days. No bills, no money concerns, no major responsabilities. Just me, my mom’s older TV set, and my N64…