Short Stories and Side Series

This will be the page where I’ll be putting in my short stories and other assorted non-RToD writings.  What to find here: The title, some commentary, the first paragraph or two of a writing, and a link to its appropriate post or page.  I figured they’d be a heck of a lot easier to find it this way.

The Angel and the Were – A gift work that I wrote for a friend who I used to do some PG (PG-13 occasionally) group roleplaying with.  While the story itself never actually happened, it was meant more as a what-if thing.

The young princess Brianna felt a need to once again test her ability to tease the wolven guardian and friend whom she’d been so mercilessly toying with.  She discovered a slight crush he’d had for her in passing comments and had enjoyed granting him a show of herself in all of her golden feline glory.  She never pushed him past his embarrassment, instead relishing in his melting to a shy puppy at her words and charms.  Today, though, would be different.  She felt a need to press his boundaries, to see if he truly would hold onto his word.  The lupine warrior was spoken for and had made a bond to not violate the angelic spirit hidden within the false-form that was the golden lioness she appeared to be.  Now it was simply a matter of hunting him down.  She was hoping to sneak up on him, but if he was in either of his animal forms, it wasn’t going to happen.

The Dream-Stalkers – Ever wanted to look into the nightmares of a werewolf?  This is about as close as you’ll get.  It’s more or less an adaptation of a nightmare I had.  Extremely vivid and painful, this was given an adult rating when I posted it over on DeviantArt.  Due to its graphical nature, I never posted it here (was worried about ToS) but did so there.  The link will be provided.

Almost two-thousand years ago my father warned me.  He told me that, as the pet to the queen herself, I would have those who would wish me harm.  He knew of the prize that it was to be selected by a vampire at birth to be their own personal pet and guardian.  It was made that much more sought after when that vampire was the Queen of the land.
As a pup, I waited for challenges that never came.  Once I was deemed safe to be allowed to re-integrate with my pack, though, the wolves came out of nowhere to try to take my place at her right side.  Although it was considered dishonorable to attack me with more than one wolf at a time, it wasn’t as frowned upon to attack me several times in a row.  Eventually I learned to conserve my energy for those who would fight in such a cowardly fashion.  We werewolves may heal quickly, but doing so takes its toll in strength.  I can take a sword slash and survive it, but healing the injury is sometimes doubly as painful as taking the strike.  Even a lost limb can he regrown with time and rest at the cost of unbearable pain and discomfort.  But, to suffer such a strike while vying to keep your own place can be the end of your position. (You will need a DA account to access this as it is Mature Warning)

The Dream-Stalkers: Trial of the Vampiress – After some begging, pleading, and prodding for a continuation I managed to write one out.  While nowhere as dark or adult as the first, it is the continuation of the story as it came to me in my head.  That’s not to say there’s nothing adult about it, but it’s not as bad.

The fair-skinned female opens her green eyes in a flash of anger. Hours of work wasted! The girl tries to quickly sit up but finds her body still feeling so very heavy. I haven’t even fully made it back to my own body yet! To find out just how much control she has, she flexes her hand, then the other. Once she’s attempted it, she then wiggles her toes. So far she has some extremities. That’s always a good sign. It means that she’s not trapped in what’s left of his dream.

The Dream-Stalkers: Dreaming of their Nightmares – The second continuation to The Dream-Stalkers, this one is by far the least adult up to this point.  Some people just don’t learn…

He runs almost blindly into the darkness. The large trees tower overhead, keeping out the majority of the sunlight, but it was still far too dark to be daylight. He was used to the dark. He’d spent the majority of his life as the night-walker he is, but this was different. The dark, powerful howl that sounds behind him reminds him of what happened to his twin brother, and he did not want to have his unnatural life ended in this nightmare.

The Dream-Stalkers: Vampiress’s Summons – The third continuation, this one shows that Dream-Stalkers also enjoy time alone with those in their dreams.  They’re not all evil.  Right?

In the months since Queen Mother permitted it, Tatiana and Erik had been spending more and more time in each others’ exclusive company. They enjoyed meals together. They ran together into the night. When the urge hit, they’d steal away into a hidden place and kiss each other until they were both giggling from the feeling of each others’ presence. The one place that they could be anywhere, any time of the day together, though, was in their dreams. Tatiana had taken to completely avoiding her usual hunts and willing humans’ dream tending and, instead, spent her days in Erik’s dreams. Together they fashioned a home, a garden, even a town for them to do all the things that they wanted together. The best part, Erik had said on several occasions, was the feel of the warm sun on their skin, something that a vampire could never have in their long undeath. “It’s exactly as I remember it,” he’d told her.  (It’s still on the blog, no worries)

The Dream-Stalkers: Of Dreams and Nightmares – A fourth continuation, here we find our three main females taking a trip in the dream realm in search of what is surely a sleepy werewolf.

“Mother, I don’t think you’d ever be that cruel.”  Tatiana’s voice was rushed as she worked to get a room ready for herself, the Queen Mother Lasha, and the human-formed werewolf that the queen considered to be her daughter, Elisa.  “It doesn’t make sense, not with how hard you work to keep the peace between humans, vampires, and werewolves.”
Elisa, dressed in loose-fitting slacks and a flowing blouse, chimed in as well.  “She’s right, mom.  You’re nothing but the utmost in niceness, why would you claim to have such an dark past?”

The Scenic Route’sDetour – A World of Warcraft RP-based writing.  Allessa, a Night Elf Huntress, has a pair of male companions, a fellow Night Elf Hunter named Lonewulf and a Human Rogue known as Danada to only his friends (and Lonewulf to many other people who were once fooled by him).  During their many adventures in Azeroth, they’d each expressed an interest in her but she had chosen to remain along the path of the warrior, secluding away any romantic interests until she felt she’d done all she could as the Huntress she was.  She catches them discussing their interest in her and soon finds her mind wandering into the fantasies and dreams she’d hidden away for far too long…
(This is a mature read and, as such, the link will take you to my DeviantArt account in order to access it)

Allessa sighed and shook her head as she neared the inn.  Her long night elven ears could hear her friends as they waited for her at the tavern, and she could tell by the tone of their voices that, whatever they were talking about, it had them both riled up in their own ways.  She slowed her pace to listen to the two men talking, something that felt the opposite of what she should be doing.    The huntress ignored her instincts and let the conversation travel through the air, pulling her long, dark blue hair back over her ear with a gauntlet-covered hand to catch the words from the air.
“I strongly doubt…”
“You’ve no idea…  …I have seen what…”
“…hate to be the bearer…”
“Ha!  …know what to do if…”
Allessa returned to her quicker pace, not wanting to be any more late to this little gathering.  Judging by their voices, the conversation had been started quite some time ago and was something she’d probably need to mediate and quickly.  For being friends, she’d never seen two grown men be so at each others’ throats.  Sure, Danada had gone as far as to use his friend’s identity, risking the man’s very soul merely for a night of pleasure among the Den of Pleasure’s demonic ladies.  It wasn’t as if it hadn’t scored Lonewulf an interesting, albeit short-lived romance with one of the succubi that Danada had left very angry that evening.  Even Danada’s deflowering of a dwarvish princess under Lonewulf’s name caused his friend a payout as the lady’s father paid him handsomely for his silence in the matter, something that he had no problem reminding Danada about whenever he had a chance.  It seemed that, for all of Danada’s dark, self-beneficial mischief and roguish appeal, Lonewulf managed to work it out with his quiet chivalry and always-pleasant charm.  For all the work that Lonewulf did to make Danada’s life less carefree at his personal expense, Danada managed to bypass it and find more things to do.  It was rather humorous, to be honest.   On to the full story at Deviant Art


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