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Account Hacked and an Update Just Because!

November 19, 2012

Yup, this account got hacked.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the fact that my co-worker LK got the notification and said, “Hey, Wulf, you posted something different.”  Ye-e-e-eah…  I logged in and changed my password.  At first I considered rebuilding the post as my own writing.  The post was only an hour old so why not.  After I redid it, though, LK reloaded my blog and it showed up again.  I wasn’t going to have that so I just deleted it.

Then LK mentioned that I’d posted 3 times in the year.  And he’s right, I haven’t!  I’ve been very, very absent of late.  It’s not for a lack of things to post, I mean, heck, I could realistically post anything!  No, it’s more because it’s been rather silent in my world.  All I have is that I’m raiding on World of Warcraft, I sometimes check in on my SecondLife friends, and I’m occasionally writing still.  My 360 burnt out, I guess that’s news.

I do have a few finished works that I could post, though.  The big concern I have is that they’re on the risqué end of the spectrum, meaning more heading to my Deviant Art page.  Eh…  They’re there regardless.  If anyone would rather I post them here, please let me know!


Navi says, “Hey! Listen!”

November 9, 2011

For no real reason, I went into my library and pulled out a book I’d not read since I finished it the first time. It was the second manga I’d ever purchased, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Vol. 1. Yes, it is most definitely real. Anyway, as I read it, I developed the urge to listen to the game music. Then the idea struck me: Why listen to it when I can PLAY it! WOOT!

So, I set about hunting down the GameCube game disc that I adopted from my wife. I found it, got all excited and then remembered something: My Wii is broken. The optical drive no longer reads discs. I was further saddened to remember that my wife made me sell the GameCube to afford the Wii. And I don’t have any Wii/Gamecube emulators on my computer. What was I to do?

That’s easy! I pulled out my Donkey Kong 64 edition clear-green N64! You read that right! The same piece of hardware I bought brand-spankin’-new in 1999 (and pissed my parents off with because they had intended to buy it for me for Christmas) was my 2011 hardware of choice!

I learned a few things. First, the AV cables don’t stay soft and supple forever. If you have any way of protecting any plastic/vinyl-covered cables, make sure to do so BEFORE storing your consoles. Second, I learned that my 720P Westinghouse flatpanel differentiates between S-Video and Video. It only took me 20 minutes of arguing with my television and listening to the awesome theme song of DK64 to discover this. How did I discover it? I turned on “Auto Input Select” and it went to what I’d labeled “Cable”. *facepalm* Third, I learned that I’d forgotten to take the batteries out of my Rumble Pack. *double-facepalm* Luckily it’s just some mild surface corrosion on the spring and contact, so I’ll be able to fix it. Fourth, I discovered that big, red start buttons attract the attention of children very well. I can’t tell you how often my son hit Start on me. It was hilarious anyways! Finally, I discovered that I really, REALLY need to replace the analog sticks on two of my controllers. At least I have 2 nice, firm thumbsticks in the back.

I also learned that Nintendo did something that I hadn’t realized until today: They tuned their consoles to work with the typically-fuzzier displays of the time. I remember my games looking nice, the glowing lines flowing and just beautiful. On my new, higher-definition display that doesn’t show the “fuzz” so well. There’s so much jagged imagery that I thought my console was broken! It’s not. The games were just designed for an entirely different light display. the cost of playing classic games on hi-def TV’s, I guess.

Ultimately it didn’t bother me much. I was too busy starting a fresh save file on Ocarina of Time and reveling in my old, senior-in-high-school fun times. Those were the days. No bills, no money concerns, no major responsabilities. Just me, my mom’s older TV set, and my N64…

Emotionally Strong? Scary!

April 8, 2011

I’ve come to the understanding that I’m emotionally strong.  I doubt that’s the right terminology for it, but that’s what I’m gonna run with.  I throw myself behind my opinions, convictions, and personal preferences very heavily.  When I’m upset, I don’t always hide it well.  When I’m angry, I apparently become red-furred and go off.  Alright, so I knew about the last part, but still.  What I didn’t realize is that I apparently become a bit scary.  That’s not what I want in any way, shape, or form, so I think that’s something I need to work on.  Maybe find a way to focus it into my writing and get that kick-started again!

Emotions run strong in my family, and that’s not untrue of myself.  I don’t often realize when I’m letting my emotional state get the best of me, and sometimes I look far more emotional than I’m actually feeling.  When I DO realize it, I’m usually quick to clamp down on it because I hate seeming like some out-of-control lunatic, and I know that sometimes my rants give that impression.

What’s the point of this?  Simple.  I just want to apologize to those who I’ve managed to startled, confuse, or scare with my sometimes illogical outbursts.  It’s something that I am aware of and I am working to fix.

Cadillac. Want. So very, very want.

April 7, 2011

I drove home and this is what I passed:

I cargasmed.

I have nothing else to add.

This is a Title, it’s not Entitlement. (Or, This Title Means Nothing)

November 30, 2010

First, the random BS:

I paid for my Cataclysm pre-order today.  Come Monday night, I’ll be picking up my game.  I’d like to be more excited.  There’s something more important.

I have written out Chapter 26.  It wasn’t long, but it sets me up for several bigger scenes.  I’d like to be more excited.  There’s still something more important. 

Now the Not-So-Random, Serious stuff.

Saturday, something terrible happened to a co-worker who I’m only going to name as “Jeff.”  As we are now nearing the Christmas holiday, he went out and began decorating his home for him, his wife, and his young infant.  No one is entirely sure exactly what happened, but he was found outside, unconscious.  The only thing that IS known is that he fell off of a ladder and landed on the left side of his face on concrete.  He was rushed to the closest hospital only to find that they do not have a brain trauma unit, and he was airlifted to Christiana hospital.  He is currently sedated and is listed in critical but stable condition with brain swelling and facial fractures.  There has been positive news about his condition in that he is reacting to pain, he has moved all his extremities, and the doctors say that his brain is fully functional, but he’s far from out of the woods.  Any prayers, positive energies and auras, blessings, or any other hopeful addition for the man and his family would be greatly appreciated.

I keep trying to think of ways to add more to this.  I keep wanting to talk about how much I respect Jeff, and how what happened to him made me think of things that I’ve left undone.  Every time I try, all I can think of is how greedy it is that I’d even consider doing so, as if somehow expressing my thoughts is as low as using what happened to him as some kind of moral lesson.  So, I’ve decided I’m going to stop trying.  The important things have been said. 

I’m going to close with the one thing that keeps circulating through my head:  Jeff, we’re all here pulling for you.  Get well, man, because there’s a lot here for you.  For as much as I may try to hide it, I’ll be praying for your speedy recovery.

No Way Back – Chapter 23

September 25, 2010

This is normally where I go “YAY!” because I posted a chapter.   However, if you’ve been reading this, then you’ll already expect it, so I’ll skip it this time. 


Chapter 23

After a long breakfast in which Dharcia went over, for a second time, the numerous different species and Ter’link commented about what made them each attractive, we begin taking a more job-oriented tour of the ship. Since we’re already in the mess hall, we start with basic maintenance of the replicators and the components that allow for an easy transition between the usual “day” configuration and a more active “night” setup. The replicators didn’t seem to be too much more than basic circuitry until Ter’l opened the actual generation chamber. Thousands of tiny adjusters and what amounted to atom cannons that would have required a microscope to build filled the unit and I quickly suggested that it wasn’t something I should be doing since I didn’t have the most stable hands. The machines for the room changes, though, were quite literally magnetic levitation tracks that the tables and other furnishings followed just under the floor. The maintenance would have involved a few years worth of study into the physics of the system. Knowing that I don’t have that much time to my name convinces me that I should look elsewhere.

The Commons was the next location. There, Dharcia makes a point of offering counseling as an option. I politely decline and explain that I wouldn’t have any idea where to start with that. Being the only member of my race on-board, my insights might not be what would be best for everyone. Afterwords, Ter’link and Dharcia begin pointing to different options. Landscaping. Water quality maintenance. Structural inspections. Custodial. Security. None of these are things mentioned make me feel important or overly needed, but I do decide to consider doing security since it would aide in learning the other species as well as introduce myself more effectively and in a less fearful light. As we walk along the main pathway I start to take notice of the crew alternately staring or hiding their gazes, and being able to approach them would make it easier for me teach them about myself and my race. At least that’s how I see it. (more…)

And the Winner is… Well, Not Me. That’s for Sure…

August 5, 2010

Ever wonder what it’s like to have so much inside that you want to put out, especially in writing, but then you sit down and get ready to type and you can’t think of a bleedin’ word?

Here’s a demonstration:

. . .

. . .

(Bite your nail)


Aww, hell, this is boring…