Heavy Wulf 03/16/2015 – Steady as She Goes

Well, it’s safe to say that I’ve been a mite absent.  That’s putting it politely, yes, I’m aware.  That’s got a lot to do with my seeming inability to write and a few other over-stressful moments that have left me in an exhausted state.  Between workouts working great until injury, four-year-olds going berserk after years of rather decent behavior, frustrations over the direction of one of my primary time-killers, and other issues that I’ll not mention, my workouts have generally fallen off the map, as have my writings, save for what I’ve posted in World of Warcraft, on the WoW forums, or little tidbits I’ve put up on Deviant Art and FurAffinity.  I just haven’t been having the output I’d like.  I’m gonna try fixing that.

So, let’s start with a section that is currently on my radar: Heavy Wulf.  Since I’d last written a Heavy Wulf, I’d managed to get my weight down by 15 pounds — before turning my ankle and taking weeks to recover.  Then I tried it again.  I actually managed almost 12 weeks of consecutive workouts, keeping myself going quite well!  I was down to about 260 at one point and that was intended to keep going!  And then some shin splints hit that made it almost impossible to do my slower walking, nevermind my fast-paced workouts.  Even as my splints cleared up, I made the mistake of not picking up on my workouts again.  Slouching in my seat again, I let myself fall defeated to my own physical injury instead of getting myself back out there like I should have.  I didn’t realize just how bad it was getting until my son and I had a snowball fight and I couldn’t even last 20 minutes. When he asked me what was wrong, I answered my son honestly, as I often do.  I told him the truth, that I was no longer doing my workouts and that was making it easier for me to be tired.  After a bit, we went into the house again to warm up.  As I stood there climbing out of my sweat-drenched jacket, my son, who’d already taken off his jacket and boots, had gone around the couch, grabbed my Xbox 360 game Your Fitness 2012: Fitness Evolved. He came back to me and handed the copy to me.  When I asked him what it was for, he said, “Daddy, I don’t want you to be tired anymore.  This will give you energy!”  Between discussions from Disney and myself, he’d already come to understand that exercising helps keep energy up and that if I did my workouts that I wouldn’t be so easily worn down.  He’s about to turn five and even he grasps that thought.

Clearly something has to be done about this.  I remember racing my dad and he would be winded from sprinting to keep up with me.  I remember sometimes wondering if it was something wrong with me or him.  I don’t want my son being worried about that.  So today I’ve already re-started my walkies.  Took two laps and only barely finished in 25 minutes.  This is most definitely not acceptable.  When I get home I’m going to do exactly what my son told me to do.  I’m going to put that disk in, get my workout in, and drink some water and tea after for rehydration.  I’m getting back on my workout regimen once more and this time I’m not going to let a small exhaustion or an odd injury hold me back.  Even if that means reminding myself every day exactly what’s at stake, I have got to do this.  I have to.

So, as of today, I’ll be re-starting the workouts and walks.  And to try to help with this, I intend to stream it using my desktop camera.  I’m actually a bit terrified of doing that but hey, maybe I’ll get more encouragement.  Or trolls.  Trolls love to find the weak and easy to tease and the fat man sweating hard to physical workouts, right?  Well, I like to piss off trolls, so maybe it’ll work out for me.

For the curious, the program is still Your Fitness: Fitness Evolved 2012 on the Xbox 360 via the 360 Kinect.  When I get the courage together to actually get the webcam streaming set up and have a link ready, I’ll post it up here.  I’ll probably work the camera angle in an attempt to hide my face (since I don’t like the idea of me PERSONALLY being on the web) but that’ll be a case of if I can, obviously.

Anyways, I hope everyone has had a great start of the year!

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