Account Hacked and an Update Just Because!

Yup, this account got hacked.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the fact that my co-worker LK got the notification and said, “Hey, Wulf, you posted something different.”  Ye-e-e-eah…  I logged in and changed my password.  At first I considered rebuilding the post as my own writing.  The post was only an hour old so why not.  After I redid it, though, LK reloaded my blog and it showed up again.  I wasn’t going to have that so I just deleted it.

Then LK mentioned that I’d posted 3 times in the year.  And he’s right, I haven’t!  I’ve been very, very absent of late.  It’s not for a lack of things to post, I mean, heck, I could realistically post anything!  No, it’s more because it’s been rather silent in my world.  All I have is that I’m raiding on World of Warcraft, I sometimes check in on my SecondLife friends, and I’m occasionally writing still.  My 360 burnt out, I guess that’s news.

I do have a few finished works that I could post, though.  The big concern I have is that they’re on the risqué end of the spectrum, meaning more heading to my Deviant Art page.  Eh…  They’re there regardless.  If anyone would rather I post them here, please let me know!

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