It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I know that.

I don’t like the fact that I’ve not been posting things. I have things that I could put a preview up, I guess, but that just seems like baiting right now. For some reason, I just have been lacking the drive to write. Again.

I’m starting to wonder if the issue is a lack of focus. When I was first writing, I would write a blog about something that was on my mind, then get to work on my novel. That was me in a nutshell. Now, though, these are what I have going on:

No Way Back – Novel. 85k words in and suddenly dead in the water.
Wulf’s Special Mount (working title)- A short story loosely based on some RP with friends from Evony/”The Princess and the Were” from way back when.
Origins of the LoneWulf – Written but I desperately need to clean it up.
The Dreamstalker 6 – A Nightmare to End It All – Trying to close out that series.
The Gnomish Woman’s Quandary (working title) – A special request by a good WoW friend. No response to their preview is kinda holding that one back.
Stalking the Stalker (working title) – WoW-RP-based dream sequence short. I’ll save the details for later.
(Currently Untitled) – Short about what might happen if what you read or dreamed became your reality.

That’s seven different titles that I’m working on, or was before the sudden Wall-O-Blocking, and this doesn’t even count the various ideas that I keep having and have yet to even start working on a storyline! That’s obviously a lot on one person’s plate. It’s all self-imposed, I know, but I’m wondering of the amount of work I’m trying to do is causing my focus to be just outright shot.

I’m also not sleeping well thanks to World of Warcraft. More specifically, the Dragon Soul raid. My raid group is a west-coast raiding group and I’m on the east coast, meaning we don’t even get into the raid until nearly midnight! I’m focusing a lot on getting my hunter where he’s supposed to be for the raids, but in order to do that, I have to completely re-learn my rotations and stats because I have to change specs! I’m a Beast Master hunter, but right now it’s the Survival hunters that do the max damage and I’m just not adapting well. I’m doing decently if you look at my playing as a Beast Master only, but apparently there’s no comparison when looking at SV. Looks like I’m in line for a new set of gear. Again. All the theorycrafting and inspecting multiple hunter forums is exhausting when you’re trying to be all that you can to help out your guild. That and just about all of my friends are apparently west-coasters, too…

I am still here, though. I do pop on and check the submissions that come along, just not as much as I used to. I’ve met too many awesome people here to just up and disappear.

It’s quiet in this hole today…

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