The Scenic Route’s Detour – A World of Warcraft-inspired Short


Lonewulf as he was on 12NOV2011

It’s no secret that I play World of Warcraft.  I’ve actually been playing (almost daily) since June or July of 2009.  I started out as a male Night Elf Hunter and played ONLY a male Night Elf Hunter for about a year. I also had a Druid whose name I was saving for the then-announced Cataclysm, but he’s since become an off-played alt for when I don’t want to do anything important, as well as randomly creating characters to try the starting zones only to kill them off a few days later on way back to my original.  When the Shattering hit, I created a Tauren hunter so I could learn the new hunter’s setup without looking too much a fool on my original character.  I now sit on a half-dozen hunters (yeah, I like hunters, so sue me) of different races and factions, a few priests, a paladin, a pair of druids, and one shaman who is the biggest standout of all my characters because there’s a really weird back story behind it.  All in all, I think I have 16 characters floating around out there.  I play a lot…

Lonewulf's Pets

Who doesn't like having huge animals around?

Anywho, one of the biggest things I found myself enjoying the most was the social aspect of the game.  There were all kinds of people all over the place!  Some of them were nice, friendly, chatty, while others were elitist pricks.  Being on a Player versus Enemy server (PvE) without it being a RolePlay (RP-PvE) server, I figured there would be little room for me to be roleplaying.  Boy, was I wrong!  I quickly developed friendships with people who were almost as heavy into RP as I was!  Not so much the over-the-top, “Oh my God, you broke character, how dare you shatter my pretend world” type roleplayers but people who would do some friendly introductions and play-bantering.  I had a blast!  I even had a 45-minute conversation with a Game Master (GM, someone who actually has a lot of power in the game, hired by Blizzard to help players out, interact with the world, and institute instantaneous justice when needed) that started because I was trying to get a particular name on a new realm (sadly, that failed) and then progressed to what it’s like being a GM, crybaby players on the forums, and then a little bit of actual light roleplay with the GM to help them understand that roleplaying is all about writing out your actions, thoughts, expressions, and emotions and not so much having some awesome character in mind.  Then again, being a GM, you’re practically a GOD on the game.  A god that can be fired for causing issues, but a god nonetheless. 

Over time, player counts have dwindled some.  Lives pick up, children are born, girlfriends don’t understand that playing video games doesn’t make you a child, etc.  Yeah, I lost a guildmate to that kind of crap.  Some people and their controlling ways.  Back on story, one of my regular light RP friends had been absent for a while and one of our collective friends suggested I write her a “dirty email.”  Mind you, these friends and I, had never, EVER done any adult RP.  We’d just played around with the idea of hidden interests and missed romances, typically done with the understanding that both the other guy and I were married and she didn’t want to get too attached to either of us just to have us disappear.  Respectful lady, she is.  When he made the suggestion, I was on-board in a heartbeat!  A dirty writing?  FUN!!  I tried brainstorming ideas with the guy, but he seemed to want nothing to do with the end product, even going so far as to suggest that it just be my one toon and one of her toons. (For the uninitiated, “toons” would be individual characters)  In the end, I wound up settling on the idea that originally popped into mind – something I can’t actually say here because I’m sure the banhammer’s been weighed over me already…

Almost two weeks and 8900 words later, I finished it, The Scenic Route’s Detour.  As written in my DeviantArt profile –

A World of Warcraft Fiction based on roleplay between several players.
Allessa’s kept herself from romance and intimacy ever since accepting the call to war as the night elf huntress she was, regardless of how much it’s come looking for her. Her two male companions, Lonewulf the night elf hunter and Danada the human rogue, had both become interested in her over the years but she kept both at arm’s length, not wanting to be distracted from protecting those who could not protect themselves.
Today’s just like any other day. they gather, discuss their plans, and keep each other safe. What makes today different, though, is that she’s caught her two friends talking about her. What could they be discussing while she’s away?
Races, Classes, and Settings © Blizzard

And now, The Scenic Route’s Detour

Allessa sighed and shook her head as she neared the inn.  Her long night elven ears could hear her friends as they waited for her at the tavern, and she could tell by the tone of their voices that, whatever they were talking about, it had them both riled up in their own ways.  She slowed her pace to listen to the two men talking, something that felt the opposite of what she should be doing.    The huntress ignored her instincts and let the conversation travel through the air, pulling her long, dark blue hair back over her ear with a gauntlet-covered hand to catch the words from the air.
“I strongly doubt…”
“You’ve no idea…  …I have seen what…”
“…hate to be the bearer…”
“Ha!  …know what to do if…”
Allessa returned to her quicker pace, not wanting to be any more late to this little gathering.  Judging by their voices, the conversation had been started quite some time ago and was something she’d probably need to mediate and quickly.  For being friends, she’d never seen two grown men be so at each others’ throats.  Sure, Danada had gone as far as to use his friend’s identity, risking the man’s very soul merely for a night of pleasure among the Den of Pleasure’s demonic ladies.  It wasn’t as if it hadn’t scored Lonewulf an interesting, albeit short-lived romance with one of the succubi that Danada had left very angry that evening.  Even Danada’s deflowering of a dwarvish princess under Lonewulf’s name caused his friend a payout as the lady’s father paid him handsomely for his silence in the matter, something that he had no problem reminding Danada about whenever he had a chance.  It seemed that, for all of Danada’s dark, self-beneficial mischief and roguish appeal, Lonewulf managed to work it out with his quiet chivalry and always-pleasant charm.  For all the work that Lonewulf did to make Danada’s life less carefree at his personal expense, Danada managed to bypass it and find more things to do.  It was rather humorous, to be honest.

For the rest of the story, click HERE.  (Mature content on DeviantArt is restricted to mature-accepting DeviantArt accounts.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

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