Random Thought of the Day 27SEP2011 – Random Forums Sillyness

Today’s “Random Thought” isn’t so much a random thought…  I was reading the World of Warcraft forums and found an unusual thread.  That thread was labeled: Nerf my GF’s sex drive.   My thought:  Oh, I gotta check this out.  (After the jump, of course..).

Nerf my GF’s sex drive:
Seriously please nerf my girlfriend’s sex drive, it is way OP it’s not even fun.
At least increase the CD or something. It pops back up so fast I haven’t even left combat yet, let alone had a chance to regenerate my mojo.   Increase the CD so I can at least leave combat and resummon my pet.

For those of you who are uninitiated into World of Warcraft, or MMORPG’s or forums in general, “Nerf” means to weaken or soften (Think nerf foam darts and footballs), OP is Over-Powered (Self-explanatory) and CD is Cooldown (amount of time it takes before you can use it again).    Translation:  This is a joke about how he’s living most guys’ dream…

Now, the forum post itself made me snicker.  I found it funny to see World of Warcraft to “Complain” about sex, or not so much complain as to say he’s over-sexed, be it real or not.

What made it that much better was the response that was made between the forum trolls having their fits:

Seriously? Sounds like you need a buff instead. I doubt she’s that OP. You should stop keyboard turning and use your mouse instead. Make sure you keybind everything. Pressing things at the right moment at the right time is everything!
Get her down to 1% blow your cooldowns and watch the loot drop. After that, you shouldn’t have to enter that instance for a while. Common now!

Again, for simplicity, “Buff” in MMO’s means to make harder, better, stronger, faster.  (Cue the Daft Punk music)

This combination made me laugh very much loudly!  It was a great boost to my slow, dragging day and was just funny to think about!

I’d love to link the actual forum post but, sadly, it’s been deleted by the moderators and the poster was probably given a 48-hour ban if they got a moderator that had no sense of humor.  Luckily I didn’t close it and able to share it with the few of you who get to read it here!  😀

That’s really it.  I had nothing particularly important to write today.  Oh, and I have another segment of Dream-Stalkers written out.  I’ll post it up soon enough if I haven’t already, I’m not sure…

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