Heavy Wulf 27JUL2011 – I’m Givin’er All She’s Got!

I remember hearing that as one of the most famous quotes from Star Trek.  I don’t mean the new whiney-boy Kirk and Emo-Spock version with naked, green-skinned aliens.  I mean the old original series.  Kirk would call down to Engineering because, to quote another awesome sci-fi movie, “Must go faster…  Must go faster!  Go, Go, Go, GO!”  In reply Scotty would yell back that there really wasn’t anything left for the ship to give back.  Well, I’ll be damned if I didn’t find that extra gear, that nitrous boost, that untapped dilithium today.

Yesterday’s time made me so very excited.  After all, trimming down a full four minutes from when I started really is something to feel accomplished about.  17:48.64 was the time posted.  That’s an average of about 5:56 a lap.  Not shabby.  I can even give my fastest time yesterday as 5:51.  I was so excited about it that I was dripping with perspiration.  Maybe that was the actual walk, I’m still not sure.

Something felt different today.  Maybe it was my cross-trainers instead of boots.  Maybe it was the slightly thinner shirt.  I don’t know, but I was ready.  I was psyched, pumped, and off I went.  I’m not entirely sure the exact distance, but I broke into a jog early on and made almost the entire length of the building at that jog before I was forced to bring it to a walk by my winded body.  I kept up a solid walking pace and then looked down at my stopwatch program on my cell — I was already ahead of my pace from yesterday by almost a full 30 seconds!   That realization made me kick it up again, this time at about half-way around the other long side.  I propelled myself at a jog and finished the lap at speed, making a time of 4:55.35! The remainder of the walk, I was so pumped about it that I kept up trying to push into a run.  It was successful!  My total time?  16:22.17.  That’s not a typo.  I shaved off 86 seconds!  I’m so excited that I’m dripping with sweat!  Alright, so that joke’s getting old.  How about “panting with joy?”  =^_^=

I’ve noticed a few things now that I’m trying to improve times.  First, if I drink water beforehand it actually makes me feel nauseated halfway through.  Probably has something to do with pushing myself while having a somewhat-full stomach.  I think I’ll have to adjust for that.  Second, breathing seems to be something that I need to re-learn to master for heavier exertions.  When I first started trying for this, I had to remember to breathe!  As I got heavier I got into the habit of sucking in my stomach to make it bounce less as I moved.  While this made it easier to manage, it also left me short of air rather quickly.  Once I got the hang of moving without sucking everything in, I had to get back into controlled breathing.  Breathing based on step counts and not sporadically.  It made keeping a pace for myself that much easier, plus had the added advantage of being able to know just how far I could push myself.  When I can’t maintain a certain breathing count then it’s time to slow it down for a moment and catch my breath, something you can’t do if you’re not actively monitoring your breathing.  Third, the shoes really do make a huge difference!  With my sneakers on it was far easier to keep up a solid pace than it was with my boots.  I’m not sure if that’s due to weight, fit, or flexibility, but it did make a difference.  Lastly, making the mid-way U-turns really helps out with muscle fatigue, specifically in my back, but also in my chest (strangely enough), calves, and ankles.  The driveway around the building has a not-so-friendly slope away from it, making the strain and pressure hit more on one side than the other.  By counteracting the slope by reversing direction, it causes both sides to more evenly accept the wear and tear, making it far easier to stretch it out later as well as helping to maintain a solid pace.

Although I’m feeling a bit worn from the walk/run, I still feel GREAT!  Water plus cool air from a fan equals a much cooler LoneWulf.  Now, sadly, to try, yet again, to get this game to work.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  Nothing’s disconnected.  Everything’s configured right.  It just won’t finish setting up.  Grr….

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