Heavy Wulf 26JUL2011 – All Right!

Even during a heat spell I need to keep up with my walking.

Maybe I should just make that “Get Back to my Walking.”  I have to admit that I did, for a time, stop doing my regular walking.  I don’t have an excuse or a real reason why, I just stopped doing it so much.  I got down to about once every two weeks!  That’s not very good! 

I’ve decided that the only way I’m ever going to actually beat this is to force myself past it.  If I can force myself to wait for hours in one area on World of Warcraft (and yes I’ve done that waiting for Loque’nahak and STILL haven’t seen him living once!), then I can force myself to get up and spend roughly twenty minutes at least every other day walking! 

As you know, I’m doing the bulk of my walking at work.  Why work?  Well, primarily because I’ve already calculated a set distance (0.4 miles per lap around my building), and also because it’s much easier to do speed walking when you don’t have to worry about a 1-year-old jumping from a moving wagon-cart-car-thingie or a dog trying to run across peoples’ yards simply because she smells something.  Honestly a single lap around the big square plus the walk to get there will probably equal the distance I need, I just haven’t measured it yet.  Back on point.

Last time I posted my walking time, I posted a (paw-)blisteringly fast time of 18:23.  Alright, so it’s not really that fast, but it was fast for me.  Today, while implementing my new plan of reversing direction about half-way through, I pulled a time of 17:48.64!  That’s 35 seconds FASTER than the last time I measured the actual time and that’s not taking any “pit stops” or breaks of any kind!  I pulled my shoelaces up tight and moved onward! 

I’m feeling a little accomplished about it.  I remember when I first started doing this and wanting to get my times down to about 15 minutes.  I recognize that that’s going to take some time, effort, and patience and I’m not going to push overly hard at that goal.  However, getting that time down below 18 minutes means that I’m already shaving off time.  While it may only be seconds per lap, that’s continuous and is an improvement!  I’ve noticed my back, while still aching a bit, isn’t bothering me anywhere near as much as it did when I started.  The short elevation changes really aren’t feeling so tedious to climb, and I, in general, feel great with the sweat dripping off me!  I feel like I’m making a push with myself to be better, to not be a lazy slob, and to be able to keep up with my son when he starts telling me that he wants to do things like go riding his bike or play catch or go for a walk around the parks!  Of course, with the weight loss, I’ll start feeling better physically.  As my weight drops, making my walk won’t feel so tiring on my knees and legs.  It’s all in all a win-win for me to keep it up.  Soon, though, I’ll need to start adding further exercises, like sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, as well as reintroducing some weight training to improve muscle tone. 

There is one aspect of attempting weight loss that I’m not going to be any good at: diet control.  See, I have a problem.  That problem is, if I’m hungry, I eat.  If I reduce my food intake, then after a few days I don’t just eat, I gorge.  I don’t stop being hungry even after I’m full and can’t eat anymore.  Eventually I settle, but when I start doing the “correct size” portions in my meals I get insanely hungry after a few days.  Water doesn’t help, it’s like throwing it into a grease fire.  Milk will sometimes stave it for a short time, but then it hits again and is usually more powerful than before.  I guess this time I’m going to reach out to the few readers left.  What should I use to help stave off the sudden vicious hunger other than eating more?  Obviously something healthy, but what?

Well, time to get back to the daily grind.  These tests aren’t going to finish themselves. 

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3 Comments on “Heavy Wulf 26JUL2011 – All Right!”

  1. Popcorn – Not the greasy extra butter kind either. Popcorn is low-fat and low calorie. You can eat a large bowl of the stuff for about 100 calories. It does not fill you up, but it will make you thirsty, making you drink more water, which will help you feel less hungry. Not to mention the fact that i gives your hands and mouth something to do.

  2. Virginia Kalbus Says:

    i agree with stealth, also add lots of veggies for snacks, not with the yummy dip, but add carrot’s, celery, and broccoli.
    yes i know carnivore you is going GROSSSSS however it does help! less calories versa chips, and things of that nature, heck a whole pile of carrot’s versa a mound of mashed potatoes and grevey has got to be well over the same amount of calories the carrot’s do…

  3. The Lone Wulf Says:

    Popcorn and veggies sound fine. I enjoy both. I like popcorn a lot and I love salads but I don’t like the costs associated with most fresh vegetables nor the bland, near-flavorless taste of most unflavored popcorn. Can’t I find a midway point and use the “Fat Free” butter popcorn? 😀

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