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The oft-requested addition to The Dream-Stalkers.  This “chapter?”  The Trial of the Vampiress.  If you never read the original, it’s here, on deviantArt.  To read it there, you’ll need a deviantArt account that allows mature material. 

I know that there’s a misprint somewhere on here, but I can’t remember where off-hand.  Once I find it, I’ll fix it.   (Edit: Found one of them and fixed it.  I know there’s another couple…)

Lastly, due to the mature nature of the previous story, you’ll have to read it from the page itself.  If you get the whole thing via e-mail, well consider yourself warned. 

The fair-skinned female opens her green eyes in a flash of anger. Hours of work wasted! The girl tries to quickly sit up but finds her body still feeling so very heavy. I haven’t even fully made it back to my own body yet! To find out just how much control she has, she flexes her hand, then the other. Once she’s attempted it, she then wiggles her toes. So far she has some extremities. That’s always a good sign. It means that she’s not trapped in what’s left of his dream.

Hmm… Such a delectable wolf. She smiles, then closes her eyes again to see the black werewolf that had been her quarry and her ethereal company for the past few hours. For a brief moment she feels a pang of regret for the pain she’d caused him. That feeling was almost instantly replaced with the memory of her last torture. He had become somewhat willing and more and more gentle with her with each return. She smiles and drifts her black-painted nails along her slender, ghost-white hips, her arm slowly obeying the pleasure of her memory and offering her body the scintillating feel of her own touch. Her hand drifts up her lying side and begins to move slowly along her slender thigh and towards her naked yet hot and wet sex. As her hand drifts closer, she feels her body begin to react to its pleasurable sensations. Her unusually skinny stomach tightens as her back arches, lifting her petite breasts along with her heaving chest. Just before she can reach the sensitive nether region, she lets out a gasp–

A sharp sting catches the back of hand and her eyes fly open to find a tall, powerful man standing over her with glaring eyes. “Tatiana, you know that’s forbidden to you stalkers! What would mother think? What would she do if I told her?”

Tatiana feels her strength returning to her body and lifts the offending hand to her dark red hair and pulls it back, offering her watcher a flirtatious smile and a kiss through the air. “Erik, you wouldn’t tell on me, would you?” She slowly lifts herself onto her elbows, letting her wavy locks fall behind her and giving her watcher a reason to avert his eyes and try to hide his blush. Tatiana loved knowing that she had that effect on him and used it whenever she could. “Besides, if you were to tell on me, I’d have to tell mother about our times together.”

“Dammit, Tati, we just kissed! And I told you to stop! And—and”

She turns and tries to stand from the soft bedding. When she starts to fall, Erik quickly places his arm underneath her and stops her so very slender form from falling to the ground. Embarrassed, she pulls her feet back under her and stands. “Thank you, Erik,” she whispers quietly, then gently kisses his cheek. “I wouldn’t ever tell. But, I know you wouldn’t, either.” Erik stands rigid and she can feel that something is amiss. She pulls away from his grasp slightly to find him looking away. “Erik? You wouldn’t tell on me, right?” Her words sound hurt to her as she tries to strengthen her will.

“I had to.”


He looks at her with an anger she’d never seen before. “You broke the rules, Tati. You keep breaking them.”

Her heart sinks into her stomach. “Erik! You swore you’d never tell!”

You fucked him!” He did nothing to hide his anger with her at this point, and all she could do was take it. She thanked whatever deity was watching her that day that none of the other vampires were in the room. “Damn it, Tatiana, you fucked him. A werewolf! You fucked an animal!”

Her eyes narrowed in her own anger. “He’s not an animal! He’s just not a vampire! And it was only a dream, Erik! I would never have done that for real.”

“I don’t care! You still fucked an animal! You’re not ever supposed to have sex, Tati, it’ll break your abilities, and here you go, giving your virginity to an animal!

“It doesn’t do anything to my abilities! If it did, I wouldn’t be able to stalk because I kissed you! That’s supposed to prevent me from finding people. Obviously it’s wrong because I found that ancient, didn’t I?”

“What about me? What about us? I thought you wanted to be with me!”

Tati hushes her voice without losing her rage-filled edge and steps closer, the chill in the air finally catching up to her already-cold body. “Erik, you know that I care about you. But you have no right to tell me who I can and can’t have sex with! I saw you and Nalissa sneaking off together. I know what you two did.”

His voice lowered as well as he kept his own glare. “That’s different.”


“She’s a vampire, that’s how.” He stands upright and speaks as if he were giving an announcement, all other emotions stamped down for the moment.” You need to get dressed because Queen Mother Lasha wants to see you. Now.” With that, he turns around and storms off, his fists balled in anger, leaving the pale, naked, near anorexic-looking vampire on her own.

– –

The halls are quiet as she walks along the flagstones in her flats. Tatiana always preferred the soft-soled shoes from her youth – almost 200 years ago. That long, long time ago, she was barely seventeen. She remembers he day she was turned as if it were yesterday. The beautiful queen mother promised her that she would be young and lovely forever if she just accepted Lasha’s offer: to live with her and share a simple drink. Lasha, dressed in her expensive clothing and jewels, offering her the life of a princess was like a dream come true to the child of a seamstress. Tati didn’t realize at the time that Lasha meant that she would drink her blood, though. The memory of the sharp, painful bite from her mouth, the struggle to escape that would never happen. The first taste of the blood from the queen’s own wrist. Then, being whisked away in Lasha’s carriage to the large castle and the years of being “well-bred” and well dressed. She could now blend with nobles, royalty, and aristocrats with ease, often feeding on the rich and well-to-do and hating how bitter and lonely the blood tasted. All this flooded her mind as she strode to the queen’s personal study, and yet the strongest memory was her youth and innocence, which she kept with her by wearing the fabric shoes when not going outside. The Asian silks and fine satins wrapped her in the dark purple dress she’d chosen for the day, and none of it ever made her feel as comfortable as her plain black cotton foot coverings.

Finally the memory trip ends as the red-headed girl comes to the double-doors and stops. She carefully stoops and places the matching shoes to her dress on the floor. She kicks the “rags” to the side and steps into the expensive footwear that mother would accept. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. As she releases it, she opens her eyes and presses open the doors, slowly entering the queen’s presence.

“Tatiana, my child. I’ve been waiting for you.” The sweet, melodious voice travels across the room from Queen Mother Lasha as she sits on the couch facing the double doors. A large, light brown wolf rests next to the black-clad woman on the same couch, and her perfectly-manicured red nails gently stroke the animal’s fur lovingly. The wolf looks at Tatiana dismissively, then flicks her ears as she settles into the couch again. The queen’s ice blue eyes only seemed colder today as she looked over the girl before her, and her long, blonde hair was playfully pulled back behind her in one of the many different up-dos she preferred. He smile, while usually inviting behind her full, red-colored lips, seems unusually vicious today against her lightly-colored skin.

Tatiana closes the doors and stops several feet in front of the woman who’d made her the vampire she is. “I was told you wish to see me, mother?”

“Indeed.” The stately woman looked over at the animal resting beside her, then back at the stalker. “Tatiana, how long have you lived with me?”

Tati swallows her fear before she answers. “Nearly two centuries, mother.”

“And, all this time, have you disobeyed me?”

She shivers for a moment but tries to hide it. “A few times that you are aware of, mother. I do try to obey the rules of your house, as do my brothers and sisters.”

Lasha’s smile turns quickly to a sneer. “They why would you choose to disobey my rules today?”

“I’m sorry, Queen Mother. I forgot for a moment, and–”

“Do not lie to me, girl.”

Tati quickly corrects herself. “Yes, mother. I didn’t think it would matter.”

The Queen Mother shifts slightly on the couch, causing her well-fitted black dress to shift along her well-toned and shapely body, the very same body that Tatiana had used to torture the wolf in their dream. “You didn’t think it would matter. Is that the truth?”

“Yes, mother. And…” Tatiana bites her lip for a moment. The next admission may cause her trouble, or it would exonerate her. Either way, she had to be honest with her queen. “I’ve always wanted to know how it would feel, mother.”

The queen’s eyes lock on hers. “You wanted to know how it felt, even though I expressly forbade you from indulging in such pleasures?”

Tatiana stutters in her nervousness. “I… Mother… All of my sisters have–”

The vampiress cuts her creation off with a shrill yell. “Most of your sisters are whores! You are a fine lady! You had made me proud with your ability to abstain from those pleasures! Did it not make you happy to know you still had a sense of purity? We are creatures of the night, child! We do not have innocence remaining! You still do! Or did!”

“Mother, I still am a virgin! I would never give it away without your consent!”

“You don’t need MY consent! You keep it because you wish to! But you lose your place as a stalker if you aren’t, and now you are so very tempted!”

Tatiana hangs her head, causing her hair to spill slightly down her shoulders. The Queen Mother was right and she knew it. She has had a strong desire to take Erik to her chambers, and now it was stronger than ever. “I’m sorry, mother. I thought I would be alright in a dream.”

Lasha looks back at the wolf again. “And, to make it worse, you slept with my daughter’s mate.”

Tati’s head shoots back up, her face filled with surprise. “M-mate?! I didn’t know! I… I…”

The wolf lifts off of the couch. As her paws reach the floor, the brown fur begins to pull back into the creature’s skin. Another paw reaches the ground and the female begins to stand upright as her form changes to that of a human woman. She was built far more feminine that Tati, who considers herself too skinny to be beautiful, but not quite the amazing figure of the Queen Mother. Finally, the werewolf stands, almost a head over the trembling Tati, and looks down at her with dark brown eyes and a teasing smile. “So, was my future man a good lay?”

“Elisa! I’m sorry! I had no idea!”

“I know, Tatiana. I’m not upset with you. Well, I don’t want to kill you.” She looks over her shoulder, her shoulder length light brown hair that matches her fur swinging with the motion. “But mother. She thinks I should make an example out of you.” The nude werewolf turns back to the younger vampire. “What do you think?”

Tatiana had taken a step back involuntarily as the were leans past her and takes up her own clothes, dressing in the outfit that would allow her to shift back to her wolven form without shredding the fabric. Her voice is filled with panic as she looks between the were and her queen. “Please! I didn’t realize! I’m so sorry! I thought he was just to be another pet!”

“Tatiana, come to me.” Lasha’s words hit the girl and she is compelled to walk towards the queen and no amount of fighting prevents her from walking passed the cute but not quite beautiful female werewolf. As she comes to a stop within arm’s reach of the lady, the queen adds, “Closer.” She feels her body react as she lowers herself to her knees. “Tatiana, the reason I had you looking for another werewolf was because I wanted to give my daughter her one wish. Do you know what that was?” When the girl shakes her head, the queen continues. “She wants only to have an ancient werewolf to continue their line. She wants a family. That is something I could not ever have, but I can give to her.” Lasha reaches out and grabs the girl’s throat, then raises her voice to a yell. “And you not only ruined it, but you ruined him!”

Tati hears the were behind her protest, “Mom!”

“Please… I’m sorry, mother,” came Tatiana’s own terrified response.

“Silence!” The blonde woman releases her throat, but grabs her hair and yanks Tati closer and sinks her teeth deeply into the younger vampire’s throat. The girl tries to scream and struggle, but the queen’s grip holds her fast as she draws deeply on the wound, pulling out the dark, thick liquid quickly. She pulls again, and again, drinking the girl’s life essence from her body.

As the woman she called mother continues to drink from her neck, Tatiana feels her body become limp and weak, as if she was waking from a dream, and realizes that she is moments from her death if the queen mother doesn’t feed her soon. Her vision begins to cloud as she feels more of her blood leave her, and she gasps for air. “Mmm… Mother… plea…” Tatiana tries to plead with her queen, but the woman would not be soothed. She feels another draw from her throat, and the room goes white. Finally, her life of undeath was coming to an end. Tatiana realizes that she sees herself in her old, worn burlap skirt, the tattered top that passed for her clothing, and her soft shoes, walking towards family she barely remembers, and they were all waiting for her with open arms.

Queen Mother Lasha releases Tatiana’s throat from her bite, then looks to her werewolf. “Elisa, the choice is yours.” She drops the dead weight that is Tatiana to the ground. “This girl cost you your wishes. If you want, you can kill her by drinking the last of her blood.”

Elisa glowers down at her owner who sees her as a daughter. “Mom! You know that I don’t like the taste of vampire blood! Besides, I told you, and her, that I don’t want her dead. Her watcher told me everything. He was quite distraught. I think he loves her.”

Lasha looks down at the hyperventilating form on the floor, the puncture wounds barely trickling the crimson of her blood. “One of my children loves this one?”

“Yes, mom. And, she never took that ancient. She teased and tortured him, trying to break him for you. If you let her die, mother, we will have to start all over.

The vampire queen looks back at the Elisa. “Do you trust her?”

Elisa nods slowly. “You would know better than anyone else. After all, you drank her blood and can see her thoughts and memories. She is dedicated to you.” She kneels next to the limp body and brings her head from the floor. “Come now, mother. Bring her back to us so she can show you.”

Lasha smiles at the werewolf pet that she’d come to call her daughter. “You are too merciful sometimes, my daughter. Maybe I should try some time.” With that, brings her wrist to her own teeth and bites through the skin. A drop of blood quickly begins to dribble down her arm as she brings it to the blue lips of Tatiana. The drop enters the nearly-dead vampiress’s mouth, then another.

Tatiana continues to walk closer to the warm, loving home that she’d all but forgotten. The faces of her mother and father, both wide and smiling, bringing cheer to her heart as she continues to work towards them. She can hear their voices encouraging her to come join them. After what seems like an eternity she brings her hands down on the small gate that separates her from the loving arms of her parents. As they touch, she feels something cool and thick in her mouth. She tries to ignore it and press on the gate, but another, and another drop of the liquid enters her mouth and into her throat. The sensation forces her to swallow, and the vision of her parents, her home, her childhood begins to fly away. More of the fluid works into her mouth and she realizes what she is tasting. The taste is unmistakable: the Queen Mother is feeding her. She closes her mind’s eye and concentrates on closing her mouth and drinking. A wash of the thick flood enters her mouth which she willingly swallows and pulls in another mouthful. Suddenly, the the white disappears and she is left in the room with Lasha and Elisa. The girl withdraws her fangs and looks between the two. “I’m… Not dead?”

Lasha smiles at the girl. “I was counting on Elisa’s mercy to keep you alive. I don’t like the idea of losing any of my children, Tatiana, but I will kill you if you ever sleep with my daughter’s mate again. Do you understand?”

Tatiana nods weakly, then takes the wrist offered her again and drinks the energy back into her body.

Elisa shakes her head in dismay then kisses Tatiana’s cheek. “You should thank Erik for telling me the whole truth, sister. You’d be dead otherwise.” She then looks back to Lasha. “Mother, tell her she may be with the one you know she cares for.”

Lasha chuckles at her daughter, then looks into Tatiana’s eyes. “If you truly care for Erik, you may be with him.” She smiles again before she continues. “I do know that my stronger stalkers do not lose their abilities for being in love. It sometimes strengthens them. And don’t tell me you don’t care for him, because I know everything that’s ever happened in your life.”

“I can have him? All of him?”

“Not yet, my child. Drink a bit more. Elisa, send for a feeder so we can strengthen this girl to her normal self.” Once Tati pulls one last drink from her wrist, she pulls it back and helps the girl back to her feet. “And then, perhaps after you’ve shown my daughter her new mate, I’ll give you the body that you gave to the wolf, and you can be as beautiful outside as I think you are inside.”

Tatiana closes her eyes and rests, thankful to be amongst the family she knows once more, and vows never again to upset her mother.

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