This is a Title, it’s not Entitlement. (Or, This Title Means Nothing)

First, the random BS:

I paid for my Cataclysm pre-order today.  Come Monday night, I’ll be picking up my game.  I’d like to be more excited.  There’s something more important.

I have written out Chapter 26.  It wasn’t long, but it sets me up for several bigger scenes.  I’d like to be more excited.  There’s still something more important. 

Now the Not-So-Random, Serious stuff.

Saturday, something terrible happened to a co-worker who I’m only going to name as “Jeff.”  As we are now nearing the Christmas holiday, he went out and began decorating his home for him, his wife, and his young infant.  No one is entirely sure exactly what happened, but he was found outside, unconscious.  The only thing that IS known is that he fell off of a ladder and landed on the left side of his face on concrete.  He was rushed to the closest hospital only to find that they do not have a brain trauma unit, and he was airlifted to Christiana hospital.  He is currently sedated and is listed in critical but stable condition with brain swelling and facial fractures.  There has been positive news about his condition in that he is reacting to pain, he has moved all his extremities, and the doctors say that his brain is fully functional, but he’s far from out of the woods.  Any prayers, positive energies and auras, blessings, or any other hopeful addition for the man and his family would be greatly appreciated.

I keep trying to think of ways to add more to this.  I keep wanting to talk about how much I respect Jeff, and how what happened to him made me think of things that I’ve left undone.  Every time I try, all I can think of is how greedy it is that I’d even consider doing so, as if somehow expressing my thoughts is as low as using what happened to him as some kind of moral lesson.  So, I’ve decided I’m going to stop trying.  The important things have been said. 

I’m going to close with the one thing that keeps circulating through my head:  Jeff, we’re all here pulling for you.  Get well, man, because there’s a lot here for you.  For as much as I may try to hide it, I’ll be praying for your speedy recovery.

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