One Heavy Wulf – 28NOV2010 – Zoom!

I’m slowly getting better. Better as in not as heavy. At least, not as round! I hope, anyways. ^^;

Physically, though, I am definitely on the right track! I steal out for my walks when I can. I do them both ways to prevent fatigue on one side. If that’s confusing, remember, these laps are around my work building and there is an outward slope that surrounds it. While it seems insignificant, it actually does wear on my legs quite a bit, especially the ones that are lower to the ground! Going the other way evens out the strain and makes for a faster walk.

Wait, faster? Really? How much?

I clocked my last walk at 18:23.90. That’s a little more than a minute and a half off the walk! That is so exciting to me considering how much I was expecting it to be actually only a few seconds shorter. Instead, I blasted out a much faster walk! I was so happy with that that I sat on the chair and hyperventilated for a few minutes. Or, maybe that’s because I was exhausted… Hmm…

Anyway, about 30 seconds of that is because I only took half of my “pit stop.” I felt like I didn’t need the whole thing. I was ready to jump up and keep rolling, and that’s exactly what I did. I stretched out my back and legs, then got up and ZOOM! Does that mean I should discount the 30 seconds that I didn’t use? Not in my opinion because it was a part of the walk! I stopped and rested, then got on with the show. No discounts or additions because it’ll all add up in the end when I don’t HAVE to stop.

Anywho, it’s time for lunch! Good foods, packed with vegetables and other goodness!

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