A Random Series of Thoughts for 01OCT2010

I wanted to post this up real quick.  I’m in the process of writing Chapter 24, which is coming along nicely so that’s not of concern.  I do, however, want to say hello to those who’ve been reading the pages.  I appreciate all of the input I get and I do take it seriously.  That’s not the reason for the post, though.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft recently.  Recently as in I’ve been playing for about 15 months now and have logged a total of more than 35 DAYS of actual playtime on the game.  That’s a lot of time.  However, about four weeks ago, I broke the level 80 mark for the first time.  YAY!  So, my Night Elf Hunter is now trying to get into raids.  That’s worked about…  Well, never.  Everyone else has already pressed into the current end-game raid, and if you don’t have what these people want, you ain’t getting in.  What do they want?  Gear Scores over 5500 points.  (2750 if you’re using WoW-Heroes.com.  Achievements that say you’ve played the raids before and know what you’re doing.  Basically, everything I DON’T have.  I’m not giving up hope, but it is a bit annoying. 

That said, if any of my readers are interested in playing with me or even just hitting me up for a chat, I’m on the Grizzly Hills server.  Obviously, since I’m a Night Elf, I’m FOR THE ALLIANCE!  No disrespect to the Horde, I just prefer to be on the side that’s NOT about global conquest, spank you very much!  Also, when Cataclysm comes out (Soon™), I’ll be rolling a Worgen hunter as well.  Yes, I’m a huntard as well.  Deal. 

Same subject, different vein.  As some of you know, I am a furry.  Well, Therian, but still furry.  Normally I don’t make a big deal about it since it’s just a type of art I prefer, but I’ve got a bone to pick with some of the WoW morons who are griping about Worgen.  I am so tired of reading these forum trolls attacking the Worgen entry because they are “furries.”  For the uninitiated, a Worgen is, for lack of a better word, a werewolf.  (YAY WEREWOLVES!)  In the newest add-on, they’ll become playable as humans who were trying to purge the worgen infectors from their city only to become infected themselves and then rescued by a mage who give you a dropper of medicine.  You’re not cured, but you don’t lose your humanity.  Anyway, getting on-point, the thing that has me aggravated is the whiney trolls who’ve gone to saying: “Oh Noes!  WoW has FURRIES!  It’s not a good game anymore!”  First, Worgen are not furries.  They’re Therians.  Second, if you have such a problem with Worgen, then were was this “furry animosity” in dealing with Tauren?  They are far more “furry” than the Worgen, yet a good portion of the trolls that are griping are… Tauren!  Self-hatred much?  It’s not about an internet meme.  It’s not about an art preference.  It’s.  A.  Game.  Worgen make interesting characters.  Let it go.

Moving on.  The latest thing that’s being brought up by the media: Cyber-bullies.  Yet another person committed suicide because of the internet.  And was it a death threat?  No.  Was it embezzlement?  No.  They were outed about being gay online because their roommate set up a webcam and broadcast from it, then jumped from a bridge.  What?!  Come on, here, people.  Way back when, this would have been dealt with by simply kicking the roommate’s arse all over the campus.  Now, we KILL OURSELVES?!  Two the Ranting Gryphon makes a very compelling argument about suicide over cyber-bullies here (NSFW and Crude.  That’s how he is).  I’m sorry, but he’s right.  People love the anonymity that the internet brings and use it however they bleedin’ well please.  That includes tearing down their “friends” and “enemies” and anyone who just doesn’t think like they do.  If you think that this is where people are gonna coddle you… Well, sorry, it just isn’t going to happen.  How do you deal with these cyber-bullies (originally called “trolls”)?  You take away their fun.  You don’t add to it by slapping your life into a death-toll count that they now have!  That’s just dumb!  And I’m sure that I’ll catch a lot of flack about how impressionable the youth is, how it’s our job as society to protect them from the hardships of life, blah blah blah.  No.  It’s the PARENTS’ jobs to do that.  Not mine.  Not yours unless you’re the parents of the child.  Certainly NOT THE GOVERNMENT!  The parents are supposed to teach self-worth.  Obviously they failed.  What are you going to do, start sending all these kids who do the “bullying” to jail?  I guess we better clear out the prisons of these rapists, murderers, and thieves because we’re gonna have to fill them with cyber-bullies!

 I had something else I wanted to post, but I can’t think of what it was.  Oh well.  If things go well, I’ll have my next chapter up here tonight or tomorrow. 

Be well, and join me on Grizzly Hills!

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