Here’s Hoping

I’m sure that a few of you have noticed that I’m still behind on my chapters.  I’ve been trying to deal with this writer’s block in any way possible so that I can post up the next few chapters.  The truth is that I’m not entirely sure what has been causing the block so I haven’t been able to just pin-point an issue and deal with it. 

I did notice the other day that my writer’s block actually hit me after I’d had a particularly screwed-up dream.  I’m not going to go into any real detail because I am slightly embarassed by the dream itself.  I have, however, done a few things to help myself get past it.  So, here’s the plan.  I’ve completed the task of pushing away from my screwy dream.  I plan to get to work on Chapter 19 here in a short time.  I have the story-line currently running in my head but am just not able to write it out yet due to other issues.  Hopefully, by the end of the night I’ll have the next chapter ready to go.  I’ll be trying to break down my chapter into split-postings but will have the entire chapter available for the impatient on the chapters page. 

So, as the title says, Here’s Hoping.

*EDIT!*  I figured out how to use the “More” tag!  WOOT!  So, instead of breaking it up, I’ll just use that!  🙂

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