Lengthy Stories are Lengthy… Or Are They?

I’m still working on the chapters as some of you know.  I’m rather happy with how they’ve been turning out.  I’ve recently been getting several comments on other sites about how my writing is good and that I should keep going as it is.  This has been a major source of encouragement in regards to my continuation and has been greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all who’ve read and/or contributed to my work in one form or another, because without it I might never have actually started. 

Recently, though, I got a comment that kind of threw me.  The suggestion was to make my story shorter.  Wait, what?  Shorter?  It’s not finished yet!

Now, I can understand the sentiment if we are just talking chapters.  They look crazy-big on the blog because I’m not using 10 or 12 point font, so the words seem to go on FOREVER.  But, that forever is, in reality, only averaging about 2500 words a chapter at this time.  When you print it on standard 8.5×11 paper, it’s only about 43 pages long if you print at 10 point New Times Roman like I do when I’m editing my work, so it doesn’t seem that long to me.  I’m also a believer in the theory that every story will take exactly as many words as needed to tell the story, and not a word less.  Right now, I’m at approximately 50k words.  Books like Infinite Jest, War and Peace, and Lord of the Rings ring the bell at 450k words or more, and no one says that they should just be shortened, do they?

That’s not to say, though, that I shouldn’t break the chapters up when I post them and make them into more leisurely-reading-friendly.  Most of my chapters do have scene changes that would make perfect breaking points, and some just have spots that would make for interesting pauses until I post more the next day.  And I could always just post the full chapter in the “Chapters” pages as I go, leaving them available for those who don’t want to wait. 

I personally don’t have a problem with posting the chapters outright, but I’m not necessarily going to read it that way.  I guess what I’m saying is, I would like your opinions.  Is the way I’m posting now fine, or should I really be breaking the chapters down a bit to make them easier to read in the short term?

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One Comment on “Lengthy Stories are Lengthy… Or Are They?”

  1. Thanks for good article.

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