Would rather be writing

Well, I’m here at work where I would usually do some writing.  But there’s a project that needs finished that I’m waiting for a call-back on.  What does that mean?  No writing chapter 15.  😦  I would be working on it right now, however the moment I open the file, he’d call.  I don’t like him.  He’s very annoying and can’t listen to a damn thing I say.  When he’s not trying to ignore every word I say, he’s trying to start an argument about something.  Anything.  He’s worse than I ever was!  Blah…  Oh well.  Two more days and it’ll be a weekend.  Where I give blood and try to raise my son in a half-consious haze…  Could be fun!  🙂

I do plan on having the chapter soon.  Hopefully by Friday.  And I hope to go back to my Mon/Fri posting scheme that I was on, but I’m not promising anything at the moment.

EDIT (an hour later): Mmmm… Petting, err, I mean haircut, and a cookie…  🙂  I feel better.

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2 Comments on “Would rather be writing”

  1. elizabethannmurphree Says:

    We have all had these days…and between family,trying to finish a poem, a painting and the environment, I feel your pain. :0)

    Have a great weekend.

    • The Lone Wulf Says:

      Yeah, it can be a pain sometimes. But, I don’t complain. 🙂 I’d rather be paid and not writing than writing and not paid. I guess that’s the mindset of an unestablished author. XD

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