Newest Updates Complete

As you followers are fully aware, and those of you reading this now also know, I’ve been working on updating the chapters based on some specific critiquing of my work.  The gist of the critiques were that I used way too many commas.  And, it was accurate.  After looking over the work again, I discovered that I tended to use a lot of unneeded commas.  The problem was that I was writing as if I was role-playing, or I was adding commas in where I would be taking a break where I wrote.  While not mutually exclusive, they did tend to cause a lot of extra baggage and commas.  So, I had to do some rewriting to adjust out the commas.  In doing so, I also had to add some words to work around the now absent commas.  And write I did!  I added about 1700 words.  Some were to adjust to the commas.  Some were to add more description and feeling.  But all of it makes for an easier read, in my honest opinion.  So feel free to check out my chapter pages and see if you can spot where the majority of the work was done.  Or, if you’re one of the few who game me the critiquing, read it now and tell me if it’s more along the lines of what would be expected!  I welcome it!

Also, in a milestone for me, my chapters are now totally over forty thousand words!  I can’t even begin to describe how exciting it was for me to do the word count after making the changes and discovering that I was over that milestone! 

*Does a happy dance*

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