Short Story – The Angel Princess and the Werewolf

So I was playing Evony for a bit.  A bit means about 5 months.  I got bored with it and quit, but that was because everyone I was playing with quit the alliance or the game or went to a different server.  Anywho, some of us had some fun doing some generally clean role-play while we built.  One of them thought it would be funny if I made a short story out of a piece of it.  So I did.  Odds are, it’ll get changed up a dozen times after I post it, but who cares?  🙂

The Angel Princess and the Werewolf

The young princess Brianna felt a need to once again test her ability to tease the wolven guardian and friend whom she’d been so mercilessly toying with. She discovered a slight crush he’d had for her in passing comments and had enjoyed granting him a show of herself in all of her golden feline glory. She never pushed him past his embarrassment, instead relishing in his melting to a shy puppy at her words and charms. Today, though, would be different. She felt a need to press his boundaries, to see if he truly would hold onto his word. The lupine warrior was spoken for and had made a bond to not violate the angelic spirit hidden within the false-form that was the golden lioness she appeared to be. Now it was simply a matter of hunting him down. She was hoping to sneak up on him, but if he was in either of his animal forms, it wasn’t going to happen.

Knowing that everyone within his castle walls would sound an alarm if she were to spread her faintly-glowing wings, she took the time to ask the head of his guard where she’d find the ancient werewolf. The man caved and offered his position, as he had a dozen times before. Armed with the knowledge, she quickly sped off toward the southern gate tower. She now knew where her quarry was, and it was time for the fun game that was her relentless torture of her friendly guardian to begin.

She climbed the dark stairwell that windingly up the tower. Although there was no railing or banister, there were hand-holds that were to be used in case of a slip. It would be a long and painful fall if she did so, so she was careful to catch each one. As she moved, she continuously adjusted her claws in her attempt at maintaining stealth. Over the months she’d become better with it, and vowed one day to catch Wulf completely off-guard. She smiled at her procession up the steps, an almost perfectly silent yet still rather quick ascent. As she neared the final wind of the steps she forced herself to move more slowly, listening carefully to the sounds that left her paws. Her eyes scanned the risers for stones and debris as she moved ever so quietly on. How horrible it would be to have made it the entire way up this stairwell in absolute silence, only to have it be ruined on her last paces.

Brianna crossed the final landing with barely a whisper. The door was open, as it usually was for this time of year and weather, and she carefully pressed herself up against the frame. She could feel her heart racing in excitement as she slowly peered around the stone that made up the door’s setting. Her deep, dark brown eyes crawled along the edge of the tower as she carefully separated out the stone from anything living.

He was there, his fur in an unusual slate grey shade, the gray triple-diamond pattern that layered his whole back only slightly darker than the majority of his fur. He wasn’t wearing his usual blackened leather chest piece, but she could see his black cloth pants and his slightly curved longsword strapped to his side. The color of the sword never appeared the same from one moment to the next as it reflected the light from the sun. That was caused, so he said, by the imbuement of the sun’s essence into the sword. He rarely spoke of the reason for such a magical blade, his former masters, but he was never more than a half a second’s reach from that weapon. The wind whipped through his fur and pushed it flat against his skin and caused him to squint his dark, steel blue eyes. He leaned into the strong breeze, causing his muscular form to show more than normal. His healthy appearance belied the several hundred years her senior he truly was.

Brianna smiled to herself in triumph. She hadn’t been seen or detected, which was exactly what she wanted. She began to carefully pad forward, foot by foot as she closed the distance to her prey.

“Next time you want to sneak up on me, Brianna, try not breathing so hard.”

Wulf smiled as he turned to face her, then leaned up against the battlement. He even let a chuckle escape his maw. “And watch how your tail reacts. In your excitement I could hear you whipping the pebbles down the center.”

She growled at him and pretended to be upset. “When are you going to let me sneak up on you? Even just once!” she snapped in feign anger.

“When you do it right, kitten.” He turned away from her and rested himself into the one of the loops and gazed out towards the forest and river that ran past. “What brings you up this way?”

Brianna made the final steps to the adjacent crenel and hopped nimbly up. Her white leather armor fit her perfectly, which meant it showed off her many womanly assets. It did exactly what she wanted to do, which was show off how much of a woman she was. She wasn’t a little girl anymore and had chosen the armor patterning to prove it. For some reason it made Wulf act slightly strange around her, which was why she continued to tease him whenever she had the chance. She laid with her back on the wall in a way to make herself easily seen by the werewolf. “Oh, you know, just lazing about on such a lovely day.” She smiled and continued as she wiggled slightly closer to the lupine. “What are you doing? Looking for more maidens to rescue?”

The ancient beast snorted in response before he turned to look at the lioness. “No. I’m just watching for anyone coming. Like any good watchmen. Never order your men to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself.”

Brianna smiled brightly at him and he simply turned away. Ah, the fun begins, she thought to herself. The lioness rolls off her back and onto the stone pavers that make up the walking surface of the tower, nimbly landing on her paws. As her feet touch the ground she looks up and catches the wolf stealing a peek at her in motion. She stands slowly and shakes her mane of golden hair back behind her ears, using a paw to guide it behind her shoulders. “So, you’re willing to stand around and do nothing, huh?” Brianna steps nearer the wolf, then slides past him, flicking him with the tip of her tail. “I still think you’re looking for more maidens to rescue.”

“I don’t watch for maidens, Brianna.”

“Sure you don’t. So, anything new?” She lets her bubbly voice tease his ear in a near whisper.

Wulf swallows loud enough to be heard as he turns to face her. He tries, unconvincingly, to look irritated at his young ward. “Nothing that you should… Be… Uh… Worrying… Isn’t there something else you could be doing that doesn’t involve torture?”

She giggles to herself as she wraps her arms around him in a playful embrace. “Not a thing!”

“I didn’t think so. Why did you really come up here, Brianna?”

Brianna turns away as if hurt and changes her voice to match. “I just wanted to play…”

Wulf turns again, this time away from the big cat. “Bri, this isn’t the time to be playing. If someone were to attack the castle and I wasn’t watching, what kind of example would I be setting?”

She lets out a long sigh in resignation. “Alright. I just wanted to have some fun with you.” With a quick snap she turns towards the entrance. “But, I do have a real question.”

His ears perked. He actually liked talking with the girl. She was smart but a bit naïve about how she tended to use her body language and voice. She managed to be so very feminine without ever knowing it. He found it alarming how well she could do it, although he could normally ignore it perfectly well. She had been doing so again, and it was why he turned away. Now she had something for him. “Okay, then. I’m listening.”

“What does it mean if you have a crush?”

She watched him snap around so fast that she though he might fall. He didn’t, of course, but his face was twisted in a shocked gasp.

“Who has a crush? On whom?”

“I was only asking what it meant, silly!”

“Oh…” Wulf’s paws ran along his gray fur, straightening it out and making sure that the fabric of his pants was straight. “Usually it means that a person is attracted strongly to another person, and that’s usually a physical attraction. Why?”

The answer was what she had thought it would be and it made her smile. “So, does that mean you think I’m pretty?”

His response was nothing but a string of sputters.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then. Should I be worried?”

His voice catches and sends out his response in a terse yell. “Of course not!”

“Good, because it would be a shame to know you wouldn’t do anything it took to keep me safe. Even if that meant acting on your feelings.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You know damn well I’d do whatever it takes to keep you safe! I have so far, haven’t I?”

Brianna thought for a moment as she looked at her friend and guardian. He was becoming more the animal side of him as was shown by the wilder gleam in his eye. She inwardly smiled at her game. She knew she was safe around him, and she loved the game. “True. But I never knew that you were attracted to me.”

“I never said I did!”

“Your guards talk a lot. They say that it’s a surprise that you haven’t tried anything yet.”

He stood perfectly still, as if he’d been anchored to the stone. “Like what?”

“I wouldn’t know. But, I want you to do whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about.”

His eyes widened in surprise but his maw managed his answer. “You don’t mean that. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

Her deep brown eyes seemed to dance in what she felt was still a game. She didn’t realize how much she was stirring the darker side of her friend, nor did she realize how much he was struggling to contain it. He‘d been without the kinds of contact he so desperately needed, and her words were only feeding that hunger within him. “I trust that you wouldn’t do anything wrong. Go ahead, Wulf. Let’s have some fun! What’s the worst that could happen?”

The mental bonds that held the wolf in place snapped, and he launched himself at the lady, clearing the distance between them in two quick steps. She gasped as he neared her with an unnatural precision, his paws finding her sides suddenly and his tail wrapping around her left leg. The hungry look in his wolven eyes froze her in place as the claws that rimmed his paws found their place at her hips. Brianna tried to bring her hands up to block him, but found herself unable to move as his warm body enveloped hers in his unusual strong heat. Her mind told her to resist as strongly as she could but, secretly, her body rushed in a sudden and unexpected heat, a warmth that she had never expected, nor had she ever been warned of it. She gasped even more deeply as she felt her body suddenly lifted from the stones that made up the tower, and then moaned softly, despite her attempt at self-control as she felt her body pressed strongly against the defensive parapet that made up the outer edge of the tower. Her own paws felt along the walls to discover that he had almost centered her perfectly between the embrasures, leaving her almost entirely defenseless against the beast that had captured her so suddenly. Her nerves were quickly worsened when Wulf suddenly brought his maw next to her face. His eyes were still wild as they neared her, and she braced for… What? She wasn’t sure.

“You, my lovely young friend, have no idea what fates you are tempting,” was his hungry, growling whisper. His fur brushed against her as he inhaled deeply against the long golden hair she’d allowed to grow. “You have…,” he pauses with a quiet hum of thought, then continued as the paws at her side tighten her body to his, “… such a delectable scent. Such beauty. You are all woman now. You’ve grown into an amazingly desirable woman at that.” He withdrew his maw to look into her eyes again as his paws seem to run their course up her back and down to her tail, gently rimming his claws around where it met the rest of her body. “You don’t understand the effect you have on a man. Yet. Can’t you sense it? Smell it? Just how hungry you make me?”

The blue eyes that fixed her earlier seem all the more wild and unpredictable to her. Strangely, though, it didn’t frighten her. The feel of her heart hammering within her chest reminds her that he hasn’t harmed her in any way. The wolf would never hurt her and she knew it. But this, his sudden action towards her? Brianna had never felt anything like it. It excited her in ways that she’d never felt before. She liked how it felt, and longed for more of this strange heat, even though it felt entirely against her nature.

“No, Wulf, I don’t. Why don’t you show me what it does to you?” The words breathily left her maw without her mind forming them, yet they didn’t feel wrong or foreign. Somehow it seemed right for the moment. She returned his strong gaze with one of curiosity and eagerness as if to tell him that, if he had something to teach her, she was ready to learn. Her chest heaved as she gulped in the suddenly short breathes that she had suddenly developed, and she brought her arms around his neck and let them rest there. She finally continued softly, “Show me these things that you see. That you feel. I won‘t resist if you promise not to hurt me.”

Brianna felt his paws trembling against her body. No, she realized, it was his entire body. He panted hard, and his breath washed across her fur. It was hot, and she didn’t understand why he seemed so labored. His fur darkened to a charcoal gray as he shifted the weight of her body in his paws. It was his eyes that kept her attention. Those strong eyes never left hers as his paws began to lift her body higher to match his. His eyes moved closer, along with the rest of his face. She closed her own eyes and licked her lips in anticipation. She didn’t know what was coming, but she was ready for it…

She waited for a moment. And then another. Nothing. His paws shook violently against the leather armor that perfectly matched her body. His body tensed against hers, and she was suddenly free from the wall. He had let her go, and she landed on her shaky paws with a sudden jolt. Her eyes flashed open to see the werewolf, his fur as black as the night sky, stepping back and away from her. His body was wracked with tremors which made each step a slow and apparently painful progression.


She looked at his face. There, in the corners of his eyes, were small, shimmering pools. Was he crying?

“I won’t do this. I… No. You’re not mine. I am taken.” He was speaking clearly yet with a pained tone.

She still wasn’t sure what he had been thinking, but whatever it was had him visibly upset. “Wulf, talk to–
He silenced her with a loud “NO!” He stepped further back from her excited form. “I won’t do this to you! I won’t steal what is yours to give! I WON’T!”

Before she could respond, he had turned and dashed at the battlements. With a strong leap, he bound to the top of the kneeler and pushed past and down the long drop. Brianna managed to run forward and look through the crenels to find Wulf falling several stories towards the outer walls of the castle. She watched as he reached out towards the stone. His claws caught the solid surface and pressed in, leaving four deep gouges in the constructing rock and showering anyone below with debris. He slowed his descent using the wall, then, as he neared the ground, he pushed off of it and landed on all fours in a solid run towards the forest he’d left standing.

Brianna stood, puzzled. She suddenly felt cold and naked out on the surface of the watchtower, almost violated. Was he teasing her? What were these sensations, and why hadn’t she ever felt them before?

The young lioness let her tail whip in irritation as she stepped back towards the exit. After all, she thought to herself, I can’t very well leave the way he did. Her heart continued to pound, although more quietly, as she wound her way down the stairs. Her own descent was unusually wobbly and warm, she decided, until she realized that it wasn’t the air in the tower nor the steps but her own body that was acting that way. As she passed the halfway point, a loud, painful howl filtered through the ports in the tower. She knew the voice, knew that she had managed to do something that had hurt her friend, although she didn’t know what, and knew that she needed to talk to someone.

She forced herself down the last few coils of stairs to find Lady Beth moving quickly towards the tower entryway. Brianna had managed to regain the majority of her bearing but was still slightly flushed, her nose and paws showing her body’s excitement, which Beth didn’t pick up on immediately.

The red-haired maiden stopped at the doorway and addressed Brianna loudly, her concern for her friend obvious in her tone. “I know that howl! That was Wulf! Is something wrong? You–” Beth regarded the young lioness and finally caught the residual excitement from the feline’s features. “Wait… What’s going on? Where’s Wulf?” The lady cocked her head accusingly as her fists pressed against her hips and waited for an answer.

Brianna felt her face swell with another blush as she looked up the tower’s center. “He… Left… He just jumped down the side of the castle and ran, Beth.” She brought her eyes to Beth’s. “I went to try to surprise him. We talked for a bit and I teased him about what I had heard.” The visualization of the day’s actions flood her memory and the heat she’d finally lost quickly returned to her body. “I’d overheard that he liked me. I wanted to know what that meant, and I pressed him for it.” She took a lock of her hair in between her claws and twirled it slowly, then continued with a smile that she didn’t know why it was there. “He asked me if I knew what I do to men.”

This statement drew a surprised gasp from the auburn-haired woman across from her. When Brianna looked her direction it seemed as if Beth had been physically struck by something in surprise.

“Beth, what did he mean?”

Lady Beth recovered with a smile. She stepped forward and took the lioness’s arm. “You mean your mother never explained men and women to you?”

The lioness simply shook her head.

Beth laughed out heartily, and then began leading the feline away, her own body matching the feline’s in appearance and strength. “Bri, you have a lot to learn, and I think it‘s time to start teaching you.”

They began walking off in the direction of the lioness’s personal quarters, Brianna’s tail slowly shifting behind her as they walked out through the courtyard.

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