Working Update

I’ve actually been working on the story recently!  I don’t have a new chapter as of yet, but that’s because I said I wasn’t going to move forward until after I had completed the grammatical changes.   So far, I’ve reworked parts of the first 2 chapters and added over five hundred words!  Now I’m going to openly admit that the words added haven’t changed the story much, if at all, so if you don’t go back and re-read what’s there (when I’m finished, not this second!) you probably aren’t missing much.  Just a more clean, smooth read that reads less like a role-playing simulation and more like a story!

Since I’m being asked for it, I’m going to update the chapters on the Chapter pages as I get them finished PER PAGE.  Meaning once I’ve re-worked chapters 01-05 I’ll add them to the first chapters page.  I’m also keeping a running tally of how many words I’m adding and corrections I’m making.  The major element that I’ve been pointed at is my comma usage.  In cleaning up the commas, I’ve already removed about 180 commas!  Want to hear the scary part?  That’s almost 6% of the commas I’d had IN THE ENTIRE STORY!  And that’s simply in the first two chapters and a quick run through with MS-Word’s grammatical checker!   I’ve recently done some studying in regards to the proper usage of commas, so expect to see a slightly better write-up thanks to it! 

Alright… That having been said and done, time to go back to my work.  Stupid work…

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