Mother’s Day

Well here it is.  It’s Mother’s Day.  The day where the country remembers that we did, in fact, come from our mothers.  A day of remembrance to the fine women who worked and slaved to keep us from screwing up.  And, one hour after waking up, I’ve already botched it with my son’s mother. 

It’s no secret that we’ve been dealing with some financial issues.  We’ve not had any money to spend on pleasantries.  This includes folding paper-cards that have whimsical words on them and make for a pretty thought.  At $5+ a pop, I’m saddened to know that I feel like I shouldn’t buy them so that way we can make it through the next week.  Do you have any idea how horrible that makes me feel?

My Kikat had a horrible start to the morning.  I’m not going to go into any kind of real detail about it except to say that she had a little whoops that ended up with her $200 cell phone in the washing machine.  I had barely been awake fifteen minutes and was trying to clean the water out of it before it became a brick.  As a technician, I removed all the chips and batteries, took my can of air and blew out all the ports and retractable surfaces and then set the unit out to dry.  We’re hoping it’ll be okay in a few hours, but there was already water in the screen bay.  Not very promising.  It was only in there for five minutes, I didn’t realize it could take so much water in so fast!

Anyways…  I was going to try to console her about it and let her know that it’ll be okay when she started being angry with me.  I was barely awake, and was being attacked because I didn’t say “Happy Mother’s Day.”  I’ll admit that I hadn’t YET said it, but I hadn’t had the chance to.  Everything kinda went BOOM! in one 15-minute span.  She was upset because I don’t have a Mother’s Day favor for her.  That card means so much to her, and I didn’t realize just how much until today.  I was planning on helping her get whatever she wanted done today, while giving her the opportunity to not have to worry about running or doing things.  I was hoping that would be more acceptable than a piece of card paper.  I keep forgetting how sentimental it can be to just have that little slip of paper. 

So, she left to get some things without me and the baby.  And I’m here, scratching my head about what to do.  Scrambling out to a store to get something seems artificial.  After all, she’s already upset that I hadn’t.  The house is generally picked up.   She’s not here for me to offer a full massage and coat-brushing to.  So, now what?

The only thing I could think of was to come here and tell the world that, yes, I am male, and I didn’t think ahead to how important that slip would be.  To announce to everyone loudly how much I do love and appreciate my wife and how much she’s done in taking care of our son.  To announce my intentions to give her a happier Mother’s Day.  And, try to finish picking up before she gets back.  Every mother/wife/lady likes a clean and happy home.   🙂

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