Her Serpentine Tail *Spoilers*

Alright, I’ve gotta do it. 

About two weeks back now, I got some exciting news, at least for me.  My blog, which means my story, was found using a search engine term.  Not just any search engine term, but “Her Serpentine Tail.”  For those of you who’ve read the chapters, you might know what that’s referring to.  For those who haven’t, it’s actually the first words of the second sentence of Chapter 12.  I was, at first, ecstatic that people were actually searching aspects of one of the characters in my story.  All I could think of is that someone liked the character and the idea so much that they remembered it and searched my blog based on that.  Then, a few minutes later, something struck me.  Why such and odd combination?  The character’s not even a major character at this point.  She has a chapter dedicated to her, mostly to show how her pain in her personal life is affecting the story as a whole, but still! 

Anyway, for a week, I kinda geeked out about it, seeing how it’s not exactly something most people would search for.  Then, as it tends to do, time passed, and it fell off of my most-searched terms list. 

Until this morning…

My buddy LK here thought (and rightfully so) that it would be HILARIOUS to have me open my history page and see that object being searched again!  At first, I was happy again.  Yay!  I’m being searched!  And then, it struck me.  I know who did it this time! 


Now, just that three word phrase has become something of an inside joke.  And now, I’m sharing it with the few of you who are reading!

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