Need to post something…

So, here it is…



I just noticed that it’s been a week since I’ve posted anything.  Since I’m hard at work on 14, and I haven’t had a random thought to work with recently, I haven’t had anything to post.

Wait, I DO!  My son, Lukippy, is growing very nicely!  Apparently he got ultra-gassy, so writing was an impossibility with his discomfort.  (Not that, at the time, I was trying to write)  But, Kikat managed to get him to… uh…  alleviate the situation.  Now he seems much happier!  He seems to be teething (at about a month already, wow!), and mommy’s not liking that feeling one bit! 

Also, if anyone’s interested, I’m taking some pre-post editors.  That’s right, if you contact me, you’ll get to read chapter 14 before it gets officially posted, but ONLY if you’re going to give honest, contructive criticism.  See, I’m generally okay with writing, but this chapter is dealing with something that I haven’t had a need to stress in a while, and I want some outside assistance.  I’ll take up to 5 volunteers, and if I select you from the blog, I expect that you’ll already have read the chapters posted, and won’t need to be caught up to what’s going on.  Message me if you’d like to be considered.

Other than that, SNAFU.  🙂

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