New Chapter? Sorry, not yet…

Well, I was working on Chapter 13, and I thought I was done.  Then, I suddenly stopped and decided I wasn’t quite finished.  Now, I have to decide, do I make what I’ve written longer, or just post it and make the next aspect a new chapter.  I’m leaning towards new chapter, since, although they are directly related, it’s its own thing.  Hrmm…  Well, I guess I should just write it and see how I feel afterwards.

Because of this, I wound up yanking the Chapter 11-15 page, since I don’t know if I’m ready to say “Okay, this is Chapter 13!,” but it’s already attached, and it would be a shame to waste all the work I did in getting it on the page, just to redo it when I decide that it’s a seperate chapter.  If you need those chapters, you’ve two option: Either look up the chapters in the main blog, or message me, and I’ll be glad to direct-mail them to ya. 

Best Wishes, and Safe Journeys!

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2 Comments on “New Chapter? Sorry, not yet…”

  1. Tom Brady Says:


    I’m trying to find your story’s start but the blog is kind of clumpy. Link me the beginning through this comment or comment on my blog.

    The reason I want to read is that a few days ago I started a lengthier piece of my own. It’s only 5 parts long thus far, but I just put in my first hook.

    I (and others) would describe my work as beginner level story telling.

    Check part 1 out here:

    And link me the start of your story.


    • The Lone Wulf Says:

      The chapters are on the page links to the right of latest blog entry, under the author’s tabs. They are divided into 5-chapter blocks, starting with chapter 1. For ease of access, I’ve included the link here: Afterwards, the 6-10 will be available, agian, just off to the right of the text.

      As for looking over your work, I’d be happy to do so. It may take a short time, as, between my own authoring, operating under several self-help sites, raising my son and spending time with my misses, I’m a bit spread thin. That said, I will get to reading your work, you have my word.

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