And a New Life Comes to the World

As some of you will know by now, and some of you won’t, my son was born Thursday, March 18, 2010, at 1740 EDT.  That means that the Wulf is now a Pack Alpha, so long as the term is appropriate, considering that my “pack” consists of a wolf, a house cat, and a kippy… 

I want to say it was an easy delivery for my wife, Kikat.  Unfortunately, that would be a lie.  She was induced on the 16th at about 11PM, using the Foley Bulb method to begin dilation of her cervix.  By 5AM, the bulb came loose, and they began chemically inducing.  She spent most of 24 hours going through minor contractions that she wasn’t feeling.  During these hours, she didn’t dilate any further, even though she was told that the drugs would have helped make it happen.  So, they finally turned up the chemicals to try to move Kikat into labor.  Once they did that, it was only 7 hours for her to dilate the whole way and be ready to begin pushing.

She pushed, hard, several times.  She got the baby to the point where she should have been able to begin the proper delivery.  That’s when they discovered that his head was not only stuck where he was, but that he was, as was thought, face-up.  Anyone who knows how a labor is supposed to work, the baby is supposed to come face-down.  The doctors advised her that it would be best for her to go through a cesarean section.  At first, we were expecting roughly a two-hour wait.  Ten minutes later, I’m being dropped into scrubs to be with her as she is surgically opened and the baby removed. 

I sat out in the hall for a moment, so they could curtain her and get her mounted to the surgical table.  And I do mean mounted.  She had her arms strapped into place, and probably more of her was strapped in, since it was imperative that she not move.  Obviously, she was given a blocker so they could operate.  However, being that she hadn’t really slept in two nights, it was enough for her to pretty much pass out.  I watched as they pulled the baby over to the table, but he was blue.  The umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck and body, and he had turned blue from it.  He was also unresponsive and not breathing.  Within five minutes of the doctors performing CPR, vacuuming out his airways, and working his lungs with a vacuum to force them to work, he began breathing on his own, although with some difficulty.  I was allowed to see him, and I touched his hand, and he grabbed mine.  At that moment, I knew he would be okay.  I sat back with Kikat again, letting her know that the baby was going to be okay.  I don’t think she really heard me, because of her generally sedated state.  She had a few times of coming to, and trying to communicate, but could not bring together her thoughts in an organized fashion between the pain blockers, the heavy doses of local anesthetic via epidural, and the anti-anxiety given to her when she realized she hadn’t heard Luke crying when he was born, and began to panic in her groggy state.  Every time she woke up and asked, I told her that the baby seemed to be doing okay before they took him to the NICU, which was okay, but she kept forgetting I’d told her already, and would ask again. 

After the surgery was completed, she was taken to the high-risk recovery room, where we talked for a few moments, and our OB-GYN midwife came in to see her.  Because she was there with Kikat, I elected to run down and explain what I was aware of at the time with the family.  I gathered the grandmothers and grandfathers, and the two aunts who were there and explained away.  Shortly afterwards, our midwife came down, and I let her take my place in explaining what was going on with the family, and returned to my wife’s side, where I kissed her repeatedly and told her everything would be alright.  We had a few visitors in the room, between her mom and dad and sisters, and I ran up to the NICU to check on my son.  He was breathing well on his own, and I was informed that he decided he didn’t want a breathing tube and removed it on his own, breathing perfectly well on normal air.  I started to return to Kikat when I was informed that the aunts wanted to come see.  I rotated them in, one at a time, and they got to meet their nephew.  Then, we finally went back to Kikat, where we were transferred to a standard recovery room for her to heal in.  I unpacked a few things, got my first shower in nearing three days, and went to bed, sleeping for almost 11 hours. 

That was the end of the day that my son was born, March 18, 2010.  Today was the 20th.  We’ve had all the grandparents in to see him in the NICU.  We’ve both been down together.  We’ve even fed him, Kikat through the normal feminine manner, and myself with a filled bottle.  He is doing so well that there’s even talk of discharging him to our care as of tomorrow night.  That prospect has us so excited!  We can’t wait to have him with us, and be a family!

It is very possible that we may also be discharged tomorrow.  To be honest, I would like to go home tonight, tomorrow, but, if Kikat isn’t ready, then I want to stay here until she is.  She really is the woman I love, and I would never do anything that would put her at risk.  That even means heading home when she’s not ready. 

So, here’s what it comes down to:  I now have my son, who’s going to be taking up more of my time.  I know that I’ve started Chapter 11.  I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.  I do know it will be finished in the future.  But, sometimes, dreams and plans are put on hold for your family, and I feel right in doing so.  So, when I get a chapter finished, you all will be the first to know.  Until then, Safe Journeys, and may the light bring you to your goals.

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One Comment on “And a New Life Comes to the World”

  1. Virginia Says:

    Congratulations Wulf. I haven’t been on for a long time. Trying to keep up myself as we all know 😛 I am glad to hear that Luke is well and so is Kit. We should get together and chit chat! Soo much has changed you would be happy to hear how well things are going. (from my normal depressed state lol!)

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