Waiting for Baby

As some of you know, my wife, the lovely lady that she is, was slated to be induced today.  Well, it’s been 26 hours since she’d been admitted, and still nothing.  Well, I can’t say nothing, because she’s currently dilated, having her contractions, water broken, and basically waiting for the body to say, “Okay, we’re ready now.  Time to disengage the docked small person, and send him out into space on his own.”

So, obviously, I haven’t worked on the chapter.  Too busy trying to be supportive of my lovely wife. 

At the moment, we’re at 4 centimeters dilated, and at 75% of phase.  The part that doesn’t get reported of that it’s only grown 1 centimeter since 3 PM.  But, there’s not much of a choice.  The baby’s coming tonight, or in the morning.  One way or another.

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