Reworking of Chapters 2.0

Well, time to come clean.  See, I haven’t forgotten to do my chapters.  The problem is that I’m re-reading and reworking them.  I’ve gotten through to Chapter 5, and, I have to admit, I’ve already added more than 600 words net.  Meaning, I’ve also trimmed some of it down.  So, after the trimming, I still wound up with an additional 600 words.  So, I haven’t been neglecting the chapters, I’ve been adding to them. 

I have to admit, my self-confidence has taken a slight hit in regards to my writing.  I’m not going to go into detail about what happened.  Suffice it to say I started doubting the condition of my chapters.  Well, after reading and re-reading and thinking and reworking, I finally told my Kikat that I was wondering just how much of my work was actually crap because of what I experianced.  She told me, straight to my face, that if my work was that bad, she’d have said something to me about it.  Which is true.  She also told me to stop re-reading my chapters because I was never going to finish if I kept re-reading and rewriting them.  So, after this time, I’m going to keep pressing forward, and make appropriate edits whenever either someone brings them to my attention, or after I’ve completed the working itself.  I’ve also decided to stop modifying the chapters on a post-by-post basis and use the chapters pages as the current and up-to-date displays.  So, chapters 1-5 are now fully up-to-date, with 6-9 to follow, and 10 shortly thereafter, I hope. 

And, on a sidenote, I’m saddened to say that I recieved my 2-week notice on my Windows 7 Release Candidate Beta.  What does that mean?  Well, that means that I’m no longer going to be dual-booting my home system or my laptop into Vista and Window 7, I’ll just be using Vista.  For now.  But I will eventually upgrade to the full Win7 experiance, and I’ll be a happy happy Wulf indeed!

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