Very Possibly

I just watched, very possibly, the absolute dumbest movie ever. Team America World Police. That’s not to say that it wasn’t humorous. BUT, it was THE dumbest, most mind-numbing excuse for potty-humor I’d ever seen.

And the wife’s weirded out by the fact that I laughed just about the whole time. Like I said, it was stupid, but it was the kind of stupid that just makes you look, laugh, then shake your head and say, “Oh, my God…”

Durka-Durkastan? Ugh… I’m sorry that I subjected my brain to that movie…

But I laughed.   🙂  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I laughed.  Sometimes, you need the stupid crap to point to you how funny things can be. 

Durka-Durka Mohammed Jihad! 

And the appropriate responce to that?

Durka-Durka-Durka Mohammed Jihad…

Of course….  *shakes his head, hiding his snickering*

Now, I think I’m gonna try to re-activate my brain and try to appologize to it for subjecting it to such insanity…

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