Creativity Woes (Or, Why there’s not been a new chapter yet.)

*Growls quietly to himself*

Why is it that I can see more and more chapters, EXCEPT the next one?  I know where I’m going.  I know how things are going to be.  Hell, I could probably finish writing the book OUTSIDE of the next chapter! 

Here’s the honest-to-goodness problem: I can make both of my ideas work nicely with the story, so I dunno which one to use! 

I’ve received one complaint that I wanted to address, outside of grammar, and that’s not having enough character development early.  We’re 5 chapters in, and we know very little about the main character.  So, I decided to beef up his story just a wee-little bit.  Well, there’s two ways I could do it, but I dunno which I really wanna do!

I’d put it to a vote out here, but I dunno if I’d actually get any responses, which puts me right back to where I am now. 

*Growls some more*  Where’s my damn quarter…

I refuse to let this kill the story.  I WILL HAVE THIS STORY DONE!  I give myself until Dec. to have the completed works!  Sure, seems like a long time, but that gives me a set timeline to say, okay, time to hammer this out!

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2 Comments on “Creativity Woes (Or, Why there’s not been a new chapter yet.)”

  1. If both ideas work why not just skip the enxt chapter and write the rest and fill it in later? You may then need to tweak a few of the other chapters to fit the new insert but it should more or less work and at least you would be moving forward.

    • The Lone Wulf Says:

      I was going to do just that, but two hours later, I wound up with the motivation and the completed ideas for the chapter. Now it’s just time to keep going, right?

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