25 Viewers Today!

Today I hit 25 views, and it’s only 8PM!  That may not seem like much, but I think that actually bests daily average considerably! 

Okay, I understand that it’s most likely just homepage perusal by Blogsurfer.us, but that’s fine by me!  For every 25 people who look, at least one person has to have read some of it!  For me, that means an increase in the likelihood that someone will have some advice for me! 

Still hoping with his fingers crossed!

P.S.  No, this wasn’t meant to be a quick filler because I had nothing else.  Granted, I didn’t have anything else to post, but I was super-excited because I haven’t seen my viewers count that large in a very, very long time!  Also, if you’re here looking for the written work, No Way Back, it’s been collected into a separate page, which is easily marked on the right.  They are also still in my blog in current format, but that will make finding it so much easier for those wanting to read it from page 1.

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One Comment on “25 Viewers Today!”

  1. Virginia Says:

    Lone, Lone, Lone. You are a wonderful writer, I am not by any means shocked you have 25 viewers. I am shocked you don’t have more! Loved the read. Looking good! Keep up the randomness… it makes people smile!

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