Coulda Beena Random Thought…

I know, nothing new yet.  Hey, remember, the first 5 chapters took about 2-3 weeks to write up, and have been read and re-read several times.

Another thing happened.  Last night, I went and saw a great movie, Avatar.  Now, everyone’s making a huge deal about the CGI, which, yes, it was great.  The storyline, itself, though was also very, very good!  In fact, I was considering going to see the movie again!  Of course, at matinée prices.    It’s really that good.  BUT…  It kinda throws a hydrospanner into the works for my story.  See, there were some aspects of that storyline that were planned for something similar in the story I was writing.  The concern is that people will see the similar components and think I’d drafted them from Avatar, which, being fictional work, can be understandable, but I also don’t want people thinking that they were the basis for where the story goes. 


What can ya do?

Anyway, I’ve started working on chapter 6, and it’ll be posted up when I get it finished.

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2 Comments on “Coulda Beena Random Thought…”

  1. uninvoked Says:

    There are no “new” stories anymore. It’s just the same plot retold in an original way. Relax. ^^

    • The Lone Wulf Says:

      Well, thank you! I actually needed that. 🙂 Now to push forward and stop worrying about everyone else’s opinions of what it might be and just keep it how I want it.

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