No Way Back – Teh Refresh…

This is less of a posting of the chapter and more stating the obvious:  I’ve had a chance to re-read my chapters and decided to edit them.  That being said, I feel there’s been enough changes to justify a re-posting of the story starting from the beginning.  Starting later, I’ll be deleting the chapters I have already posted and re-post them in their current formats. 

You have been warned.  🙂

Edited 23:55, 23DEC2009

There we go.  The original postings of the three chapters have been cleared out.  Why?  Well, because I said I was.  🙂  I’m the author, that’s why.  Besides, the modifications, adjustments, rewriting, etc, makes this something that’s needed.  From here on out, the plan is to simply update the chapters as they are corrected or modified, and put a note on the chapters stating that they’ve been changed.  A lot of the changes will be subtle.  Some will be moderate.  In a few cases, entire chapters may outright disappear.  Part and Part of the whole learning, writing, editing thing. 

I want to ask, again, for people’s inputs.  Even if it’s not via comment, but via e-mail.  See, I’m not a great author.  This is my first attempt at writing anything.  The wordings, grammar, punctuation, they’ll all make sense in my head, but if they are fuzzy or incoherent, my book suffers.   Well, as of now, I should say “story,” but, who knows, if it’s good enough, it may become “book.”  And then, I’ll have about a dozen first release and signed copies that are asked for…  XD  Yeah, right…

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