RTOD: The Delaware LAN Party, First Entry

This doesn’t exactly fall under the definition of the RTOD, but it is something I worked on, and will be working on for a while!

Hi, I’m Albert C. Ehrmann, III, Co-Founder of the Delaware LAN Party, and I endorsed, wrote, edited, and posted this message. =^_^=

I’m certain that some people who may or may not see this are going to wonder exactly what it is that we are doing, especially with a name like the Delaware LAN Party. I’m hoping to shed some light on that situation.

The idea for the Delaware LAN Party actually came to me amid a political discussion (debate?) with a friend of mine. We were debating the functionality of what has become a two-party system in the United States. Simply put, there are two major factions in the US, Republicans and Democrats. Sure, you’ll hear of the occasional Green Party, Libertarian Party, or Independent candidates, but, the VAST majority are Democratic and Republican. (Notice, I hold neither in preference.) The reasoning is simple: We’ve gone so long with them that it seems odd to think of a third, fourth, fifth, or even NO political party affiliation. Nearing 200 years of these parties in existence in one form or another allows for such acceptance. It’s really not a surprise, really, since most “competitions” tend to have two sides. Good and Evil, sports games, with one team versus another. Many board games are one on one. A third, functioning, supported party would make elections that much more difficult, since votes that would most likely head to one side or another would go to this third party, and the status quo couldn’t have that.

As I had said, this was during a discussion about politics, specifically gaming. The discussion was in regards to whether or not the government had any right to control or limit the games we have available based on content. I made a joke in that regard, something to the effect of, “Imagine if the gamers of the country got together and formed a political party. It would be huge! We’d have to call it the LAN Party!” The idea stuck, and was joked about, on occasion, with several people. Finally, one of the people the joke was with, another Co-Founder, Laurence Kerrick, decided that, perhaps we actually should try it, and, here we are today!

I’m certain now that you’ve read this, you’re wondering whether or not this is some kind of prank to get gamers to unite. In fact, it is not. The idea was based on gamers uniting, but, realistically, there are more factions of gamers than could ever truly be united, except under the banner of gaming in and of itself. Since, realistically, it would be impossible to base an entire party off of such a vague idea, it is NOT, and I stress, NOT, the basis.

For some of you, LAN is an unknown term. LAN is a computer networking acronym which means “Local Area Network.” Networking is the key to how we want our party to work. Realistically, most people elect a person to office based on certain works done. They were a public official. They have a public service record. They were a lawyer for such and such a case. However, once they are on their hill, there is little-to-no way to directly contact these people. You can send them an e-mail to an aide-monitored site, but good luck actually contacting them directly. Your voice was heard enough to put them into their position, but now, it’s their voice that’s being used, and not necessarily to hear what we, as the people who have put them there, have to say. Simply put, this is NOT acceptable! There should be no reason that a person cannot send a message directly to their representative and say, “Look, I feel such and such a way about this policy, and it should be …” We, in the Delaware LAN Party want to make it as easy as possible for your voices to be heard. Simply put, we won’t hide behind aides, attendants, secretaries, whatever they try to use to hide from the public. We are out there, listening to your opinions, reading your e-mails and comments and IM’s. We want your voice, the collective of the district, region, county, state, to be heard!

We are ready to start hearing from you, our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and complete and total strangers! Our group Facebook page is available immediately for your questions, comments, concerns, whatever tickles your fancy. All we ask is that you keep it related to politics, and don’t spam our boards. It’s available here: The Delaware LAN Party Official Facebook Page. We are also available to follow on Twitter, under the name DeLANPARTY. Please remember that we are still growing and stretching our proverbial wings, so please, allow for some growing pains with our sites. Further contact information will follow as more people look to us to bring together Delawarians for a better future.

We hope that you have found this informative, or at least comical. We want to change the way people look at politics, not having it be a once-a-year endeavor, but as a democracy, the way it should be, all year ’round.

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