RTOD 02JUN2009 – Oh, no, not Vista!!

RTOD  – Oh, no, not Vista!!

Please note, that the title is very, very sarcastic. 

I wonder, now that Vista has become the main Microsoft operating system, how many people really are having issues with it?  Are the IT crowd still bemoaning how “horrible” it is to consumers who really have no idea what they’re looking at?  Do friends turn to their friends and say, “Well, I have a friend who knows a guy in Microsoft who thinks that Vista was the worst thing in the world.”  We all know that’s not true, but it’s amazing how people suddenly “know people” when something starts getting panned.

Today, I was on my favorite Q&A website, Answerology.com, when I ran into someone who decided to post a question, which was more of a statement, that he may be having “sporadic disappearances” because he updated his laptop with Windows Vista Service Pack 2.  *sigh*  Considering that update wasn’t forced onto systems yet, if he has such an issue with it, why the hell did he do it?!  It’s not required, and the updates would have slowly worked into the system.  What that means is he took the time to download it and install it, so what is he complaining about?  Sounds like another whiney ass to me.  I told him my exact opinion, that if he doesn’t want to use Windows, he’s got a few options to switch to if he wants out of Vista.  Now, to be fair, I am running Windows 7 Release Candidate on my home system, and I LOVE IT!  But, I still have my Vista OS on the same system incase of issues.

Now, getting back to Windows Vista.  How many people really ran into actual PROBLEMS?  I don’t mean minor annoyances, like the UAC asking you to reverify about a quarter of your actions.  I don’t mean trying to run 1980’s hardware on a 2008 OS.  I mean PROBLEMS?  I find it hilarious when I read people’s posts, “VISTA KILLED X COMPUTER!”  One, where’s the evidence?  Two, odds are, if it “killed” your computer, it was already on the fritz anyway and was in the process of dying.  Three, the updates are just that, UPDATES!  They don’t rewrite your kernel.  What that means is, if you’re installing an update that corrects, say, a graphics driver, it’s not gonna kill your soundcard.  If you’re gonna update network controllers, it’s not gonna shut down your USB ports.  Something else happened, and you don’t want to fess up to it, it’s easier to blame someone else. 

Next, the IT crowd loves attacking Vista for hardware compatability.  If it’s an older piece of hardware, Vista probably won’t run it.  Now, when we say older, we mean 8+ years old.  That means that the printer you bought in 1999 probably won’t work.  The reason is simple: the hardware list for Windows had become insanely HUGE!  To cut that down, they began requiring drivers to be signed, and manufacturers don’t see a need to make fresh drivers on a new OS on legacy hardware.  It’s probably time to upgrade anyway.

The only real complaint that I do have is it’s a resource hog.  It uses a ton of memory.  That’s the only realistic complaint that I do have about Vista.  It’s accurate, and it shows it in regular usage.  It’s something that was anticipated, and is hard to get around, but, as long as you’re playing more than 2GB of RAM, you should be generally okay.

This all having been said, there are usability differences between XP and Vista.  It’s plain as day.  At the same time, it wasn’t meant to be XP 2.0, it was a whole new operating system.  XP worked rather well, as does Vista.  If you don’t like it, wait until next year when Windows 7 comes out.  It takes all the awesome updates incorporated into Windows Vista, removes the not-so-nice parts, adjusts certain aspects, and then makes it much better.  And then adds kittens and puppies.  It’s that awesome!  🙂

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