RTOD 21APR2009: What Really Is a Random Thought, Anyway?

My Kikat as a Bunny

My Kikat as a Bunny

RTOD: What Really Is a Random Thought, Anyway?

With Bonus ART!  XD

As I am writing this, I was worried that, after spending so much time prepping and transferring my Random Thought of the Day from MySpace, that my new blog was going to fall unused, back into my usual pit of no posts for months.  I decided to say something to my co-worker, and suddenly, an idea popped into my head:  This is supposed to be my random thoughts, but what really makes a random thought?  So, I decided to think about that.

My random thoughts.  After recently looking through all of my RTOD’s, I noticed that most of them weren’t very random!  Most of them were based on things happening, news, current politics, or whatever was happening in the day.  So, where were these actual random thoughts?  What makes it a random thought if it’s brought on by something.  Thinking about it, this may be the first actually random idea I’ve posted, so what makes it different than my other posts?

Thinking back, most of my random thoughts were on things that had absolutely nothing to do with what I was working on or with at the very moment.  I would be cleaning my room and think of the logic of Star Trek’s Warp Drive system, and whether it was space, time, or both, that “warped” or bent to make it happen.  Logically, it’d have to be both, since you can’t really bend one without oppositely bending the other, but that’s not what I’m writing about today.  Another time, I began trying to figure out what exactly it is that a transistor does to be the little electronic “switch.”  It is explained as a very tiny switch, but how does it know when to be on or off?  I actually thought of that one time when I was cleaning the house one time.  And, who is it that decides what makes something moral?  That was another time!  But, the joining factor is that I was busy doing something else when the idea would pop.  So, does that make it random?  In some ways, yes.  In others, no.  The yes comes from the fact that there was no reason for me to be directly thinking of these things when they hit.  What do I mean?  What does cleaning up have to do with Warp Drives or Transistors?  Nothing, yet the idea would pop in my head, and I’d think it out to its most logical conclusion based on what I had and what I know.  Usually little else.  No, because these things are things that I have either experienced in my life, or deal with in some form or another. 

What about the other ones?  Do they qualify?  Again, yes and no, although more no.  ?Yes, because, even though something may have triggered the thought processes, most of them came from things that would not have been at my attention unless some usually random incident brought them to my attention.  No, because they weren’t the same type of spontaneous thoughts that would hit me for no obvious reason.  They had a basis, either a conversation, an e-mail, an instant message, or an action.  None of these things make the topics any less blog-worthy, but it makes them less of a random thought and more of an explanation, rant, or rambling. 

What does all this mean?  Nothing.  😀  Realistically, it simply means that I was thinking about my blog, realizing that I haven’t had anything blog-worthy in a while, and thought about what really is a random thought for me!

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