RTOD 14APR2009: Drawings Posted!

RTOD: Drawings Posted!

REPRINT NOTE: This is the last reprint.  After this, all Random Thoughts are current, up-to-date, and will not be re-writes.  Unfortunately, due to limitations, my art here is not the easiest to add.  I’ll add one to the end, but, for more, you’ll have to hit my deviantArt page, the-lone-wulf.deviantart.com.

If anyone’s bothered to read my stuff, or just talked to me, they know that I’ve been working on some art.  Well, as of Sunday, I completed my second drawing, and both are of the same model.  I’ve always had an interest in anthropomorphic art, and decided to try my hand at some.  As the captions say, the image is a “fursona,” or an anthropomorphed (in this case, feline) form, of my lovely wife, Katie.  Now, before anyone says anything, as the artist, I have every right to adjust according to my whims, which actually follow hers, so no complaining about a lack of direct physical matching. 

I’ve decided that I would like to do some images based on people that I deal with in my life, and have a few more ideas planned out already, I just need to start assembling the images on paper.  Not that I’m wanting to wait, but forcing it never works the way you want it to. 

There are a few people who have seen the images before the posting, and may (or may not) notice some minor changes.  I used the image manipulation software GIMP to clean up the images slightly, mostly just removing stubborn graphite that I couldn’t erase, and some image specks that I noticed, but I also did some line cleaning in a few spots.  Most of the changes are barely noticable, if at all, since they most work I did was speck cleaning, but if you switch between pics, you might be able to spot them. 

Any comments or suggestions, as always, hit me up.

And, for my WordPress Viewers, an image!


Color version on my deviantArt page, link at the top.  Additional versions on my MySpace page.

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