RTOD 12APR2009 – It’s Easter!

RTOD – It’s Easter!
Guess what?  It’s Easter!
Okay, I got that out of the way.
I do actually have a legitimate reason for not posting for once!  I was in the process of breaking in and catching up my newest blog spot, thelonewulf.wordpress.com.  It’s only about 3-4 posts from being caught up, and then, I’ll be able to simply post more here, and it will be updated at the same time.
Now, the subject, Easter.  As many of you may or may not know, it’s generally a Christian holiday.  It symbolizes the ressurection of Jesus Christ.  It also has some relation to Jewish holidays, but I’m not well-versed enough to explain the correlation.  The Easter holiday has been around before Christianity, though, as part of a Pagan ritual to (if I remember correctly) celebrate birth and life.  Again, I’m not well-versed enough to draw comparisons, but I do know that the Easter Egg comes from the Pagan ritual.  It was included to help ease the entry of Pagans under Constantinople, who converted many Pagans to Christianity by simply becoming Christian.  He was king, and the king’s religion was the religion of the land. 
We’ve had Easter for many, many years, obviously.  It’s become nearly as marketed as other holidays, but that’s not why I’m brining it up.  I’m bringing the whole thing up because of a telepastor deciding that we shouldn’t call it “Easter” because it brings up too many images of Paganism.  WHAT?!  Most people don’t even realize exactly what Pagans are, let alone the Easter holiday’s connection to them!  And, it’s not even a negative connection, it’s a positive one!  So, what are we left with?  Another person who wants to use his “freedom” to force his mindset onto others, using the age-old technique, religion.  Now, I’m not an anti-religion person, but what I am agains is people using it to push ideologies not expressed by the religion onto people.  It’s the same as religion determining political standpoints!  Religion isn’t meant to force things onto people, it’s meant to allow people an openness with themselves and their gods, whomever they may be.  So what, it conjures up images of Pagan rituals, it’s a connection to a religion that a) was dominated by Christianity years ago, and b) has no other true connection.  It gives us a connecting point.  Stop trying to single us out as Christians, because the more we are singled out, the more we are the target!
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