RTOD 30AUG08 – A Country Still Divided. — Mature

RTOD – A Country Still Divided. — Mature
REPRINT NOTE: Since I’m not 100% on the allowance of profanity, I did decide to clean up the worst of it.  it’s still present, and you can add your own variants, but it’s been censored out to be more stomachable. 
Advanced warning – I was pretty emotional when I wrote this. It’s very much emotion-ridden, and I decided to speak my mind instead of tidying it with P.C. crap. You have been warned. Also, the SL series will continue, but I needed to get this off my chest. Also, it’s long. 2 ½ pages.

For a country whose original goal was to unite all peoples in one world and grant freedom to the masses, we are so full of shit.

I could start at home. What freedom do we really have? We are so ****ing tethered to everything, bills, money, bullshit contracts about keeping your grass under 2″, that for some, the only answer is to run away. And it doesn’t matter where you run, as long as it’s not here. For others, it’s to commit crimes against each other because there’s no other way to survive. You can’t carry on in your own neighborhood without fear of some kind of retaliation, be it legal or street-legal-system. You have to carry huge amounts of insurance because if someone slips in a patch of ice on your driveway, you are liable, even though most times it’s cold when ice is on the ground, and common ****ing sense tells you that when it’s cold and wet there may be ice. ****ing bullshit, take what’s not mine one way or another mentality that has this country so ****ed up that it’s not recognizable.

Our political machine is a joke. Either you are for us or against us. Republican or Democratic. You can’t claim independent, because it’ll just garner you more shit. You have to side with one or the other, and the moment you do, regardless of what it is, you are “leaning too far” to be independent. **** them. What the **** do they know? They went to law school, became lawyers, never had to live in the real ****ing world, and they are the ones telling us what to do? They are the ones laughing at us because WE PAY THEM to sit on their ass and do NOTHING. They bicker about the most stupid shit, about whether or not video games promote violence, not TV, news, internet, movies, just ****ing video games. Meanwhile, some of the most violent and realistic movies come out to two ****ing thumbs up their asses. They pass an amendment about saving a woman who has had no noticeable recovery in years and the husband decides to pull a plug because he’s given up hope of EVER holding the woman he loved in his arm anymore and wanted to close that part of his life, but her parents didn’t want it? SHE ****ING MARRIED OUT OF YOUR ****ING FAMILY! Yes, she still loved you, she cared, you all had memories together, but she MOVED ON! What, just because you think, 7-10 years later, after medical tests show NO improvement that she’s suddenly going to turn around? I’m sorry, but she’s not. AND, she got married! The decision was with the IMMEDIATE FAMILY! What, you don’t think people would weigh in on your, the parents’, feelings? Oh, and, what, according to the Constitution defines Marriage? It’s so damn important to define the joining of two people that they waste our time and tax dollars doing it, while living in luxurious homes that WE ****ING PAY FOR! And, what the **** actually got accomplished in the government in the mean time? Not a ****ing thing! Oh, wait, they want to tax online transactions in games because the government doesn’t ****ing tax us enough. **** them all. Sick of the ****ing policies that mean not a ****ing thing in wording NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!

Now, on to THE PEOPLE. You know, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE? Isn’t that how our country is supposed to be? A unity of our combined people, pushing forward to a new future of freedom and liberty? Instead, it’s become a bigot race. Who can be the most ****ing bigotedly? Is it the KKK? Or maybe Al Sharpton. Hell, maybe it’s those Mormon people who want to have their cake and eat it too with more than one wife. Wait, it doesn’t even leave ****ing families! Shit, half of my ****ing family didn’t show to my ****ING WEDDING because my bride was a quarter Hispanic. Oh, ****ing, no, she’s not Germanic or Polish or English, or a mixture of those, she’s a ****ing spic. No, she’s a ****ing American, a beautiful one who ****ing cares for me, and I care for her, and if you got a ****ing problem with that, go **** yourself. No one wants ****ing unity, they just want a ****ing reason to bitch. ****, I’d have hated to see what would have happened if my wife was black. They have shown up with the ****ing shotguns! And that’s ****ING FAMILY! People marching for gay/anti-gay rights, and about illegal immigration (which I’m whole-heartedly against just giving them citizenship, they aren’t citizens, do it ****ing right.). People screaming, “It’s because I’m (insert ethnicity here)! That’s why they did it!” I’m a 26-year-old white Germanic-Pollock living in America. There isn’t a much more looked-down on segment the country, yet I don’t say, it’s because I’m a white ****ing male that life sucks! Get the **** over your damn selves! Life sucks all around unless you happen to be one of the elite few born with the ****ing silver spoon in your mouth. Don’t blame it on your race, religion, creed, sex, political view, or anything else. And stop ****ing dividing the ****ing world so I can live in peace with the people that I love. The more you scream “Racist” or “Sexist” or “Elitist”, the more you exude them, and the more you are the ****ing problem and not the ****ing solution.

. . .

I’m certain more than a few are wondering why I am so emotional today. Well, there are several factors. One, I’m hungry. 🙂 Two, I’m just so sick of everyone feeling the need to find some way to be separate. Third, I never talked about my family’s bigotedly act to anyone. I never told anyone how ****ing angry it made me to know that, because my wife’s former last name was Torres that I shouldn’t be marrying her. My wife looks the part of the white woman. If you didn’t hear the last name, you wouldn’t have known. People don’t even think to ask her if she’s Hispanic now, she has a strong German last name. The problem is that we weren’t born in Germany. We weren’t born in Poland, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Canada, or anywhere else, and neither were our living families. We are American. I bleed red, and I speak white (Meaning true, for all you looking for a racist link) and I bruise blue. Or purple if it’s hard enough. And so is my wife. I have an ancestry, but it does not define who I am now. As I said, the whole thing made me angry. Today, I went to one of my favorite flash-video sites,

SamBakZa.Net. If you go, it’s initially in Korean, so click on the English tag to read it. If you enter Amalloc’s page, he has a series, called “There She Is.” I’ve been looking forward to Step 4 for a few months now. And I got it. The feelings that I had from half of my family disrespecting how I felt about the woman I loved bubbled to the surface, and I couldn’t make them go away. The prejudices demonstrated in the video hit me so hard that I needed to get the rage it stirred it out of me.




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