RTOD 15OCT2008 – Politics? Welcome to the Jungle!


RTOD – Politics? Welcome to the Jungle!

There was a time when politicians would have been considered “noble.” They were there to help and serve their fellow man. They wanted to make lives better for all who he would represent. This ain’t that time.

Being a politician nowadays is more akin to being a pro sports player, at least in their own eyes. They need to make the big bills pass, and the people will cheer for them loudly. Both sides of our current system, Republican and Democrat, have entirely lost touch with their old, non-political roots. All of them make enormous salaries, and only work half the year. They are just a figurehead, while their assistants handle all the real work. All they do is make appearances, and say “Yea,” “Nay,” or, like Obama, “Present.” (Sorry, trying to keep this unbiased, but I didn’t realize there was a “Present” vote until I heard about his history of using it, and it’s true!) The understaff actually handles the day-to-day business of handling the important stuff. Oh, some of them may actually stand up and say something in regards to a bill, law, procedure, or “injustice,” but what else do they really actually do? NOTHING!

Okay, that’s out of the way. We are nearing the end of the presidential voting season. What does that mean? If anything about anyone in politics can be brought up, now is the time to do it, good or bad, of substance or otherwise. People are out campaigning about the positives of their hopeful, while others are screaming of their “lies and inappropriate behaviors.” Although this wouldn’t usually be so bad, it doesn’t have to be true to be said. People “heard from a guy who knows a guy who’s the brother of a guy who said…” and that’s good enough. Of course, once it’s disproved, it is still used, and then someone else attacks for the ignorance of the first, and it’s a vicious circle. Then, add the internet, and it’s instantly available information, comments, and postings, and you have a recipe for mass hatred of people whose only real difference is this person likes candidate A, and this person likes candidate B. These people could unknowingly be next door neighbors, smile, say happy, even be relatively good friends, but they want to spew hate because of that difference!

Now add some conspiracy to the mix, and it gets to be an election year. “Your candidate abused their power for personal gain.” Wow, what politician hasn’t?! “Your candidate voted for X policy!” I’m sure your candidate voted for something just as “uncool.” “Your candidate wasn’t born in the state!” Wow, that’s getting old. Oh, I got this tidbit recently — “Did you know that they are actually pulling the troops back from Iraq and into the states so that, when something goes wrong with or after the election, they can be there to protect our government from the civilian uprising against it?!” (JM) Now, that may be true, but doesn’t that sound over-drawn? Hey, how about, “My candidate is perfect, and if you don’t agree, you’re a shithead!” That gets real annoying real fast! It’s friggin’ fanboyism for the masses! But these people get so riled up about it, they would be willing to get into a fight about it! Then again, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft fanboys aren’t really much better, but we’re used to it by now! 😀

The founding fathers of this country would be disgusted by the way citizens treat elections nowadays. The idea behind the elections was to have a revolution in government every so often. We don’t have that. What we do have is a bunch of idiot lawyers vying for the top spots in government, while we, the people, have to sit and be shat on, and ask for more of it! It’s time for the real thing. It’s time to limit the terms for Congress. If we limit everywhere else, why don’t we limit Congress? First thing that will do is force fresh blood in our government, allowing for new ideas and less corruption, hopefully! There are some people in for 10 or more terms in office! TEN PLUS! And they won’t be voted out, because they haven’t done anything obvious to get themselves kicked out. It’s time to stop that, because, I hate to say it, but once you’ve been on Capitol Hill for too long, you lose touch with your constituents, and that’s just no good. It’s time to replace the president with someone who gives a damn. The candidates don’t. They scream change, but take the time to tow the line. We need a new political party, one made of real people, not just lawyers and lobbyists, and do NOT tell me the Green party is viable, because any group led by Ralph Nader should be disbanded now! We want change? Well, people, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This message has been approved by Albert C. Ehrmann, III, Vote Al for President of the Random Thought of the Day 2008!

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