RTOD 14OCT2008 – The Happy Day and Hardee’s!

RTOD  – The Happy Day and Hardee’s!

I am finally writing again! YAY!

Ever have that morning where you woke up and just felt like EVERYTHING was awesome, and that nothing could go wrong? I did this morning. J

I woke up this morning to my wife still being in bed with me. We weren’t on top of each other, we were just laying together, touching. That was the start. She told me she didn’t sleep after 4AM, but she seemed to be in a generally good mood. I laid in bed until around 8:48, when I got up, did the whole morning thing, and went to the living room where one of the new housemate, NH, was in the process of dropping off a few things, and Katie suddenly decided that logging into Yahoo! Messenger wasn’t so important for some reason, which sparked a short conversation which made me feel much better about the situation. I then discovered that the disassembly of my weight bench meant removing only three bolts, and after doing so, the storage space for the bench was minimal! YAY!

Then, Katie went to work. That, in and of itself wasn’t so fun. But, everything went nicely in the morning, with nothing going wrong. So that was good.

I left for work on time. Now, that may not seem so great, but for me, that’s AWESOME! I’m so happy about this week’s timing for myself! I haven’t been late! YAY! On my way in, there was some minor construction that blocked us down to one lane, which I wound up never having to stop for, but put a lot of dirt on the ground. With me riding, that made me nervous, but I figured I’d be fine. The very next light was where I make my left to get back on Rte 15, after a minor detour. Well, a guy in a black F-150 cut me off because he realized he needed to make a left as I was closing in on the intersection. Now, he didn’t do it on purpose, and I was safely behind the tailgate, so I wasn’t upset. However, the back tire locked up for a moment, because it still had some dirt on it, and the driver apologized several times. No harm, no foul! Made it into work without further incident. YAY!

Work, so far, was very quiet. Nothing much to do, but it hasn’t been a do nothing day. When I got in, there was some taffy on my desk and chair!  There was some fudge available, and I had some hot chocolate flavored fudge (chocolate with marshing-mallows).  YAY!  I also had a minor debate about whether the Pontiac G8 was actually a Pontiac, or was it a GM vehicle licensed to Pontiac. I don’t think I lost, but there wasn’t really a winner either. Still, it chewed up about an hour of time. J I also was on Answerology.com for a bit, answered a few questions, and discovered that I got ANOTHER star! YAY! I’m getting good at answering questions. I’m roughly 1:3 on the stars, or one star for every three questions, either from the community, the answer-maker, or both. Considering how many people are out there, and each question can only give out three stars total per question and one community star, that’s pretty good! Well, at least I’m happy with it.

For lunch, I decided to go to Hardee’s. Now, Katie doesn’t particularly like Hardee’s. When I try to find out why she just says something about their cleanliness isn’t that good. I used to avoid Hardee’s myself, unless I wanted a hot ham and cheese sandwich. See, I didn’t like their roast beef sandwiches, which were dry and not all that tasty. Boy! Have things changed! Hardee’s has changed their menu to that of the Thickburger, or 1/3 LB of beef burgers made of black angus beef, char grilled and made how you want it. That’s not a misprint, it is 1/3 lb. That’s bigger than the quarter-pound everyone else sells, and it looks it! And, it’s REALLY good! They also have the classic hot ham and cheese, the smaller “Mini Thickburger, which is the same meat, but only ¼ lb., and are also carrying hot dogs, almost like an American food eatery! I got the Bacon Cheese Thickburger, extra pickles, no tomato. The meal comes with fries and a drink, and I paid $6.29 for it. Okay, so it’s not dirt-cheap. But it’s great! Not only is the food prepared fairly quickly, considered it’s char-broiled, but the bring it to you out wherever you are sitting. No waiting for it, standing at the counter, blocking traffic. You sit, and wait. The bring it to you, in a basket, and carry additional condiments you can request, and I saw mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and I think I saw relish, and that was just a quick glance! The server, who was also my order-taker, was polite and courteous, and they had a sense of humor! I really think Hardee’s has come a long way, and if you’ve been avoiding it because of bad taste experience, it’s worth another shot, they made LEAPS and BOUNDS! A Minnesota newspaper said that “Hardee’s knows what America wants.” Well, I can’t vouch for America, but I want me some more Hardee’s!

So far, that’s been it. I still have about six hours left at work, but all I can think about is how much I can’t wait to see my Katie. J

I think what is making my day so much better is a conversation my wife and I had about my appearing unfeeling. She told me that it seems that I always seem unaffected by things that should upset me. I’ve decided to start talking about things that are upsetting me with her, and it’s been much easier to smile in general for the past few days. Almost like lifting a weight from my shoulders. It’s great. And, even in such a short period, it feels like my relationship with my wife has already gotten so much better. Here’s hoping! J

Okay, so this isn’t so much a typical RTOD, it’s more like a blog, but, hell, it’s better than nothing. If you didn’t like it, I’ll gladly refund the purchase price! LOL!

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