RTOD 03MAY2008: Scientology Vs. Christianity?

RTOD 03MAY2008: Scientology Vs. Christianity?

I’m here at work, when I ran across a video on ABS joking about Scientology.  This led me to searching YouTube for videos about the “Anonymous.”  After watching a few things, I ran across a video labeled “Scientology Vs. Christianity.”  I was grossly appalled by the twisted views of religions in general. 

Being one who thinks about religions on a regular basis, I had previously argued with JM about the importance of religions in society.  They allow an anchor-point for world morality.  They allow a sense of unity and belonging.  Most even grant a reason to better yourself and your life, in order to attain a higher life in the next, or be granted into heaven, etc.  That doesn’t say that religions don’t have bad points, since people want to believe that their religions are the only ones that are correct, even though most religions generally preach the exact same thing.  This turns into violence, which is never a good thing.  It also allows people to twist the religions for their own personal gains. Remember, I will NEVER say that religious people are infallible.  There is almost as much evil capable of being spread as there is good.

While watching this video, he hits on all the points that most people use against Scientology.  He comments about Scientology having been made up.  He next hits on believing in ridiculous things.  His next comment is “Besides being stupid, it causes a lot of suffering in the world.”  I haven’t seen much suffering, but the moment you use the word “stupid” in your argument, odds are you just lost it.  He then starts talking about the pyramid scheme that has been proven in Scientology.  You have to pay to enter, and you have to pay more to higher-ups to progress.  Afterward, he states that they are unfairly criticized, and begins to use his “stupid” argument on Christianity.  Wow, this guy doesn’t mind ruffling feathers, does he?  He proceeds to go on about how Christianity has the same “problems” as Scientology, being made up, believing ridiculous/stupid things, causing suffering, and being a pyramid scheme. 

First, the religion of Christianity is based on a real living person. Accounts may have been changed, but it is still based in reality.  Second, the thought of a soul is far-reaching, in all religions.  Third, the argument about Pyramid schemes are based on those who twist religion for personal profit, noting your target of Evangelists, which is a subset of Christianity, and not Christianity as a whole.  In fact, most churches are supported by their congregation, and not a payment for a “test of faith” or personality test.  Are there people who twist the basis for Christianity, yes.  Does that make every Christian, or ANY religious, leader stupid?  No. 

Interestingly, he uses a specific group, the Evangelists, for his target of “argument.”  That would be like saying that, because he is an atheist or “antitheist” as he puts it, then all atheists are just as “stupid” as he is.  His arguments are based on twisted thought processes, and belief that whatever his sect leader is willing to throw out there, regardless of basis in fact. 

His arguments fly in the face of most religions, and he uses that as a basis for why Christianity, and, in a way, ALL religions, are bad.  His target is made simply for the use of a religious argument, and failed completely.  Instead, he sounds more like an atheist who wanted to throw his two cents in, and whine loudly, regularly using unintelligent formats to explain his “opinion.”  Sadly, he seems to really truly be “stupid.”

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