RTOD 31JUL2008: How Many Did You Catch?

Random Though of the Day: How Many Did You Catch?

REPRINT NOTE:  I recently picked up a newer version of the game to mess with.  Not enough time in the day to do my job, be with my wife, write blogs, and play, all at the same time! 


I’m on a new game kick.  I have been playing Pokemon.  Pokemon Blue, Yellow(x2), Silver, Leaf Green, Emerald, and Mystery Dungeon Explorer of Time.  Now, before I start getting yelled at for having all of these games, most of these are emulated, so I didn’t go out and spend the money on a half dozen new games.  I only bought the Mystery Dungeon game.  In fact, I have almost had some difficulty at work, because I keep not paying attention to what needs to be handled, and I keep having some difficulty because I need to remember to turn it off.  Whoops.

Okay, so it’s Pokemon.  The moment people hear that, I seem to get the responses of, “It’s a kid’s game!” or “Wow, you’re a dork!”  Well, I take offense, I’m a nerd, okay?  I’m allowed some weird entertainment!

In all seriousness, how many of you have actually played the game?  If you had, it wouldn’t be so rough.  Okay, it’s made by Nintendo.  It is typically aimed at the younger crowd.  It has an easy trading card game, aimed mostly at younger persons, AND it’s a cartoon.  So, the concept of It’s a kid’s game is well deserved.  However, if you play a little, and get passed the astigmatism of a kid game, it gets pretty involved.  It is a team RPG, where strategy plays a huge part in what you send out and when.  It also has an in-depth strength/weakness system, making your strategy all that much more important.  Just because your pokemon is a high level that can put out some heavy hits doesn’t mean a pokemon half of its level can’t take it out.  It actually does take some thinking.

Another aspect of the game centers around the idea of trading and raising pokemon that you can not have by playing the version you have.  In fact, some of the newer ones will only ever show you about half of the pokemon that are available totally in the game, randomly selecting the pokemon that you will be able to see throughout the game, meaning if you want to get all of the pokemon, you have to find people who have the ones you don’t.  Some people who are collectors know that, sometimes, the thrill of the hunt that is more than the actual collection itself.  Pokemon hunting can be fun, as long as you aren’t getting yourself overly excited about spending hours looking for them! 

Lastly, kid game or not, what is wrong with playing a game for the fun of it?  Think about it, how many people have no problem pulling up out games just for the fun of it.  People have fun doing what they enjoy!  Classic arcade games can very easily be called “kid games” now, because they are simple enough for most kids to play, and can be challenging for even the most experianced and “skilled” gamer. 

Simplicity or targeting doesn’t make a game anything.  Super Mario Brothers is extremely simple, but complex.  Will anyone call it a kid game?  Considering that it is a “video game” some people will immediately say it is for kids.  If it’s a video game, it’s childish and for kids only.  However, tell that to people who play House of the Dead, Halo, Mortal Kombat, and many MANY other adult-themed games.  And, what makes a kid game a kid game?  Does it become a kid game because the main character is a kid or can be a fluffy animal?  Tell that to Zelda fans all around the world!  Is it bright colors?  An educational theme?  Making assumptions because of what it involves is never a good thing, and video games are not an exception to that rule.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my Pikachu is unhappy, and wants to battle a gym leader. 

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2 Comments on “RTOD 31JUL2008: How Many Did You Catch?”

  1. Tara Says:

    awwwww wulfie:) remember me its okay i play them tooo

    • The Lone Wulf Says:

      I see you’ve found me in the real world! Well, this is a landing for my blog. I’m sure you’ve seem much more if you’ve found this! lol!

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