RTOD 25JAN2008 – Whaddaya Mean Terroristic!?

RTOD – Whadaya Mean Terroristic?

REPRINT NOTE:  I just noticed I missed some of my blogs, so now we’re WAY out of order!

Today’s random thought falls into a more DANGEROUS category: Terrorism! AAAHH!!!! Silence! I kill you! 🙂 (Jeff Dunham is awesome!)

Okay, so it’s not directly about actual terrorism, or mass bombings, or suicide attacks, it’s about a new way for people to cause more lawsuits and arrests. Terroristic threats have become a new way for people to get rid of anyone slightly different. Now, because the whole concept of “Terroristic Threat,” if I catch you trying to break into my house, and I yell, “I’m gonna kill you!” I am now guilty of Terroristic threat, and if this person manages to get away, they can come back with the cops to have me arrested for it. That makes the score Me:0 Theif:1. To make it worse, because this creep is now that “victim,” suddenly it becomes necessary for the state to provide this person with a wondrous lawyer, who will find that my Military training made me more than capable of carrying out this threat, and now, it’s Me:0 Theif:3, because now, not only am I probably gonna do some jail time, I’ve lost my job since you can’t work for the state with a criminal record! What kind of crap is that!? Sounds rather backwards to me. I guess that’s why, when you get your license to carry a concealed weapon, you have to be willing to shoot to kill. Can’t sue you if they’re not around! Go Second Amendment! (Unfortunately, their family can for wrongful death, but that’s another topic. grrr…. Stupid people.)

Okay, now that the rant is out of the way, now I can move on to the “in-depth” part. Ultimately, terroristic threat has been around forever, we just never called it that. In fact, I can guarantee that we are ALL guilty of it at one point or another. If you break it down, Terroristic means the one who instills fear, and Threat is basically a promise to make good on an action. (As an aside, I did look the definitions up, and, although these are not the direct, word for word definitions, they are close enough.) So, broken down, of you ever made someone nervous or fearful that you might do something, you have just committed a terroristic threat!

What might make this even more interesting is that we use one form or another of terroristic threat everyday, and don’t even realize it. Parents use it all the time, with sayings like “Don’t make me come up there!” or Don’t make me pull this car over!” Parents with kids have to be worried about the state causing them financial distress if they don’t send their children to school, or have spent the money to become certified for home-schooling. Students who have teachers that give pop quizzes can become nervous that the next day a test will be waiting. When your boss tells you that you need to improve an area or you are fired, that would probably make you a little nervous, right? After breaking it down, these are all terroristic threats! Come to think of it, if my writing these makes you nervous, and I say, “I will write again tomorrow,” I guess that could be considered terroristic threat as well!

Luckily for us, the actual usage of Terrorist Threat is held to people who make threats to people without provocation, for now. But how long will it take before some idiot decides to try and put in another frivolous lawsuit because his neighbor, who he finds scary, threatened to cut down his tree if he didn’t trim it, and he decided to “take action?” You know some moron is just waiting to abuse it! It’s only a matter of time! Hopefully, it will be handled accordingly by our courts when it happens. Now, if they would only stop allowing thieves to sue their victims… (But that’s a topic for another day!)

Albert C. Ehrmann, III (Henceforth referred to as “I” or “me”) is the author of this particular publication. I do not, and will not condone the usage of actual terroristic threat for any purpose. Any terroristic threat-perception by the reader is strictly personal opinion, and by reading this blog you hereby agree to not hold me responsible for any mental duress caused by the concepts introduced with this topic. All references contained herein are not endorsement of any person, place or thing in particular, you make up your own mind about them. Jeff Dunham is awesome, check him out on YouTube.

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