RTOD 21AUG2008: Procrastination and the Wulf

RTOD: Procrastination and the Wulf

Gut check, anyone?

I, as usual, was reading one of my several webcomics that I read,

I kept reading on, and he explained himself. He explained how he was so backlogged in shipping out his fan merchandise that he spent an entire week to simply catch up. He then went on to explain that he wanted to publish another book of his comics, a volume 2, but he was too concerned about changing things up, adding things, modifying them, updating them to match his current work. Each “upgrade” took at least an hour, on a panel that probably took him three or four to do in the first place. He’d been working on these upgrades for almost 18 months, and had done 47. That’s forty seven out of over two hundred available. He finally had both his (wife/girlfriend) and friend tell him, look, people want the original work, not the work that is updated and more modern-looking. After finally having it drilled into his head, he sat down and began doing the layout work for his book. In a few short hours, he had done about two months worth of comics in layout, and was preparing to finish what he has shortly.

The reason I am writing about this today is because it was one of those random things that hits you once in a while. Nothing forced me to look at it, but it did make me THINK about it. This is the Random THOUGHT of the Day, right?

To be completely honest, I have had several ideas for blog posts. For some reason, I can’t bring myself to write them. I’ve been off for two weeks, minus 3 days, and did NO BLOGS and NO PODCASTS! What am I doing? What am I thinking? The few people who actually care are gonna stop reading! Why? Because this is supposed to be a DAY though, not a Twice Monthly thought. To be honest, I probably could get away with twice a week for a short term. But once or twice a month? That’s just LAZY!

Part of the issue is that I get a good idea and I don’t have a storage medium for it. I’ll have a totally great RTOD, but, when I go to type it up, it’s gone POOF! I’m sure a voice recorder or a notebook would work, but a voice recorder costs money, and a notebook is easily lost. … *thought* My RAZR has a voice recorder, right? It sure does! That’ll work! YAY! Problem solved! J

Another issue that I have is that, when I have my thoughts, I think that they might be too stupid for writing, or, sometimes, just don’t think of anything at all. It doesn’t make them any less thoughts when I have them, and this is MY RTOD, so I guess I should stop being so concerned! If I can’t be laughed at, who can?

The last issue I have, as the title suggests, is procrastination. I keep finding something else to do, something “more important,” or just not taking the time to hammer it out. I’m usually not the delaying type, but I just can’t seem to get this going the way I want. Not anyone’s fault but my own. I just need to start putting my thoughts where my keyboard is, and start working this out.

To be honest, these issues are more than just a blog issue. I’ve noticed an effect in the rest of my life. I can thing of several repairs that I need to do, but I find “more important” things to handle. Mostly video games. My work is also suffering, but that’s been a combination of exhaustion and “just not feeling like it.” It’s been affecting my relationship with my wife, because she thinks that I just don’t care enough to do things to help. That’s not true. I just, for some reason, seem to find “more important” things to do, and it looks bad. Real bad.

Why am I writing all this out? Well, first off, it does qualify as a random thought of the day. It was the thing that randomly had me thinking today. Second, because I want anyone who cares to know that I do realize that I’ve been slacking. I can’t promise some miraculous change in the blog, but I am going to start putting more effort into actually getting this to become the blog I want. There is no excuse as to why I can’t do it. I can find time to do almost anything else, I can find time to get this right. I will get this right, one way or another.

The Real Life, and then, for some reason, decided to go below the comic and read the postings from the author. Some of it was the usual “Newest and Most Newsworthy” stuff. Then, it was a blog that he wrote about how he wasn’t treating his fans right. My initial thought was, “Huh? He writes every single weekday, how could he think himself treating his fans “Shitty” (His word, not mine.)

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