RTOD 09FEB2008 – The Dregs of Human Society-Telemarketers and Repo Guys

RTOD: The Dregs of Human Society – Telemarketers and Repo Guys

Hello everyone! It has been nearly two weeks since I have had any kind of time (or thoughts) to do this, so for anyone who cares, sorry. I’ll try to make it at least once a week. Although… That may mean I’ll need to change my titles…. Awww….. Oh well.

My topic of choice today is the jobs that people do that everyone hates them for. The two I thought of was Telemarketers and Repo Guys. I recently went with a friend of mine on his repo run. It was pretty cool, drove around until about 11PM and ended up accomplishing little except posting a APB on some guy for fraud and upsetting at least three people, the guy’s ex-wife, his dad, and some random people for whom we had (wrong) numbers that were “contacts.” All in all, we did more driving, sneaking, and searching than anything else. Unfortunately, we left empty-handed. Oh well.

Interestingly, this made me think, who else does society look down on because of the annoyance and aggravation caused by them. Immediately, the only two I could come up with was telemarketers and repossession specialists. Let’s look at these two groups and why they are so annoying, shall we?

Telemarketing hits close to home for me, I was, at one point, a credit card salesmen, a bonus program salesmen, and a salesmen for a roadside assistance program for various credit card companies. I also took sales orders for several magazines and requests for credit lending. With this, I have some personal experience behind it, so I have at least some perspective.

There are two types of telemarketers, Inbound and Outbound. Inbound telemarketers are the people you call for customer support, or for applying for cards, buying the Encyclopedia Britannica, or anything else that you call in to purchase that doesn’t involve a “To accept this request, Press 1 Now!” machine. Although usually less complained about, this group gets its own complaint group of, “I am NOT accepting your credit offer!” or “Your company sucks!” (Such awesome criticisms comes from this!) or “Can you tell me how the make thong will fit, and will I need to shave to wear it?” I’m not kidding, I really fielded that question, and to blow the guys mind, I answered it! Anytime someone complains about customer service from a company that they called, it is the result of talking to an inbound telemarketer. Most companies even encourage them to sell items, related or otherwise, to your product. It gets real annoying to get yelled at for doing your job, especially if the plan really works!

Outbound is the group that catches the most flack. These are the people who call you and say things like, “Good morning Mr. Pink, my name is The Lone Wulf, and I am calling on behalf of your Yadda Yadda card and would like to offer you a special…” These people should probably have the biggest self-esteem issues in the whole world, but, (and I would know) some of them THRIVE on it! The more you scream at them, the more they look forward to calling you back! With some companies, they have the Telemarketer’s Hell button (That’s what I called it), where, if you hang up, I push a button and call you right back! Lotsa fun! People doing inbound telemarketing get the worst of the worst insults thrown by people as a whole. What’s really sad is that these people are working, just like you and me, to support family, home, food, the whole nine yards. I remember a call where the couple picked up mid-coitus. When I pushed forward with my sale anyway, the guy got mad, and yelled at me that I needed to get a real job. I didn’t really enjoy doing it, but it WAS a real job! And, as I read what people say about how horrible telemarketers are and how much they hate them or they blare instruments into the phone and all that, all I can think of is, they are PEOPLE TOO! Simply being polite and saying I’m sorry, but I’m not interested, believe it or not, is the BEST way to handle the calls, because they usually respond much better to niceness. I would know.

The next group is the Repo guys. Boy, do they really have it bad! Take the kind of insults that gets thrown at telemarketers, and add to it that you can be FACE TO FACE! And, to make it that much worse, they are there to take what you “bought” or borrowed! These people are the ones that take hours at a time trying to make sure they know where your item is, go to that location, and remove the item, with or without your knowledge. To make it worse, these people also run the risk of actual physical harm or death, but we hate them because “They are taking my stuff!” Odds are, if the repo man is there, he’s there because you don’t quite own it! Only way to fix this one is to just keep paying your debts off! Once the repo guy’s there, it’s usually too late. Some will take a proper payment, but that doesn’t mean the one visiting you will.

Well, these are the two I could think that society feel are the dregs of the working world. Even garbage truck workers get more respect, and MORE PAY! But, then again, they are keeping our trash from piling up in our homes, and they don’t call you during the day… Anyway, what jobs can you think of that most people hate the people doing it? Might be cool to see what people think!

(P.S. I will have the pod cast work done just as soon as I get home and grab my mic!)

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