RTOD 09MAY2008: Private Vs. Political

RTOD: Private Vs. Political

You know, people are very … invasive nowadays. There are so many issues in today’s world that the lines between political and private are so heavily blurred that they are nearly non-existent. Today was an article about Mrs. McCain refusing to share her tax returns because they are separate from her husband’s, and she isn’t running. Yesterday, there was a high political head who is being “investigated” because he fathered a child with a woman who wasn’t is wife. Before that, Chelsea (sp) Clinton told a 6-year-old kid that she doesn’t answer questions about her family, but the kid was “cute for asking.” Hell, living in my development, I need to maintain a political fa├žade about my house! If the grass gets too long, I can have them breathing down my neck with fines and legalese because I live there! I’m in MY HOUSE, MY HOME, but it becomes a political and legal battleground with the Homeowners’ Association. When does the political end and the personal begin?

My answer is REALLY EASY! It begins when you tell the nosey, self-centered idiots to back off. Cindy McCain did that very well. Her response of her money being completely separate from her husband’s, as well as being private and no one’s business but her own is the best way to do it. Miss Clinton did it *almost* right, by sticking by her stance of not answering questions about her father’s past, but eventually someone’s gonna push for it, and she may or may not crack.

Why do I bother to bring this up? Well, primarily for the NY government official. Yes, he has a child with another woman. What does that have to do with his performance as a public official? Not a damn thing. So, why is this such an important topic? Because he is supposed to be a goody-two-shoes conservative? I’m sorry, but that is a really bad answer for the question. Are the people he represents harmed in ANY way? No! He still did his job and probably did it well. So, why is he supposed to step down? I’m sorry, but if you are one of the people screaming to take him out of office, I think you need to look into your own lives and wonder what can people use against you?

Next thing I am sure people will wonder about is, what about Bill Clinton? He was impeached because he used his “presidential cigar” (yeah, okay) to fondle a woman. The major difference here is that he did it in the office, when he was supposed to be being the president, and then he LIED UNDER OATH. That is the real reason for his impeachment. You do that in court, you go to jail. He’s not above our laws, and was subject to them, president or not. If he hadn’t done it in office, I don’t think anyone would have really cared!

Another politician I can think of, I can’t think of his name, but he was the mayor of DC. He was busted for using cocaine. Now, yes, that is a crime, and he did get a sentence for doing it. However, he was RE-ELECTED because he did such a good job! Crime was down under his watch, he took care of the people. That’s what matters in government. He had his flaws, but he came clean about it, and his service record never showed a decline from his drug usage! The man was brought back because of how good he was. What else really matters?

I titled this about politics, but what about all the other celebrities, athletes, and government officials who are always supposed to be “on?” Celebrities and athletes are constantly hounded by media, fans, paparazzi, anyone who wants a glimmer of time with their favorites. Then, when one of them basically tells a fan or media person to go away, they are sacrificed at the stake for being against the public. When did these people stop being the public themselves? Just because they are famous or well-known at least doesn’t mean that they aren’t people! They need their privacy, their down-time, their life too! If someone in the “public” were to be regularly hounded like that, they’d be screaming lawsuits and all kind of bad utterances. I know that I wouldn’t take too kindly to cameras always in my face.

So, what does this have to do with me? Absolutely nothing. Nadda. I just read something about it, and it made me think of all the “news” these people make. Brittany seen in a convenience store! Bush found taking a dump! J-Lo wears mismatched socks! Wow, are we so desperate that we really need to know ALL OF THIS!? I’m just glad my personal life is my own. God help those who need their privacy for a day when the cameras are aimed their way.

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