RTOD Jan 24, 2008 – Classic Video Games!

REPRINT NOTE:  I was feeling really nerdy when I posted it.  Don’t laugh too much at my expense…  😀

Random Thought of the Day – Classic Video Games!

I’m working today, and my buddy JM (Name withheld by request) wanted to show me a game that he plays, called Jezzball. I played it, and it’s okay. It’s one of those really simple games, take as much space as you can from the bouncing balls. Get more than 75%, and you go to the next level, where they add another ball. Not horrible. Rinse and repeat until you run out of lives. After starting it, I immediately thought of a game that I used to play on my original Game Boy (which was “da bomb” when I was younger) called Qix. For those of you who have never heard of it (which is probably all but maybe three of you! LOL) the main point of the game is to collect as much space from a randomly moving line-creature called the Qix. Meet the goal, win the round. Again, rinse and repeat until you are out of lives. It made me think, what kind of classic games can people think of? What was your first game? And, compared to the modern, usually highly-violent games of today, how much more (or less) fun were they? This can be an interesting conversation!

For me, my first video game that I can remember playing was Ms. Pac-Man on the arcade machine. It’s either that or Combat on the Atari 2600. I’m not quite sure. There are many, many, MANY classic games that I can think of, but, for the sake of curiosity, I’m not going to name many of them. 🙂 I want to see what you all can remember! I know, there are a lot of you that weren’t around with the original arcades, but that’s okay! What games can you remember? And, for me, I’m forced to say that a lot of the older games were far more fun than modern games. The reasons are very simple: it required people use their imaginations to make them more “realistic,” after all, how does a circle and 4-8 lines equate a spider? Only through imagination! On top of that, how about you make a game that has no real end, but people would still play for hours on end? Look at Asteroids and Galaga! Even Space Invaders kept going until you ran out of lives! And, they actually took some skill to keep going! Perfect example was Super Mario Brothers, where, if you died, you went back to the beginning, or your checkpoints were not announced, and you were surprised that you weren’t starting over again! Classic games are classics because they will never be forgotten, either because of the sheer entertainment value, for games like Frogger, or for their leaps in gaming innovation, like Pong, being the first game with sound! And, of course, the countless dollars that those stupid arcade machines owe you for putting in so much money! 🙂

Hey, if you have any memories about any games, new, old, or indifferent, say it! It might be interesting, whether you think so or not. Hope to hear from you all!

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