Heavy Wulf 03/16/2015 – Steady as She Goes

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Well, it’s safe to say that I’ve been a mite absent.  That’s putting it politely, yes, I’m aware.  That’s got a lot to do with my seeming inability to write and a few other over-stressful moments that have left me in an exhausted state.  Between workouts working great until injury, four-year-olds going berserk after years of rather decent behavior, frustrations over the direction of one of my primary time-killers, and other issues that I’ll not mention, my workouts have generally fallen off the map, as have my writings, save for what I’ve posted in World of Warcraft, on the WoW forums, or little tidbits I’ve put up on Deviant Art and FurAffinity.  I just haven’t been having the output I’d like.  I’m gonna try fixing that.

So, let’s start with a section that is currently on my radar: Heavy Wulf.  Since I’d last written a Heavy Wulf, I’d managed to get my weight down by Read the rest of this post »


Heavy Wulf – 17APR2014 – Cold-Firing the Engines

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Well, hello again, WordPress!  My, oh, my!  It’s been quite some time, 17 months, since I’ve been on.  Sadly, I don’t have a reason that I would consider valid, mostly because it’s been me playing World of Warcraft and Call of Duty and Battlefield and…  Well, you get the idea.

I just got back from Chicago again.  I felt it was a rather successful trip.  The work went well, but, so did the food.  I think I ate a lot more on the two weeks that I was there than I do my average three weeks at home.  Turns out it’s easy to overeat when you don’t have to watch your wallet. Read the rest of this post »

Account Hacked and an Update Just Because!

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Yup, this account got hacked.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the fact that my co-worker LK got the notification and said, “Hey, Wulf, you posted something different.”  Ye-e-e-eah…  I logged in and changed my password.  At first I considered rebuilding the post as my own writing.  The post was only an hour old so why not.  After I redid it, though, LK reloaded my blog and it showed up again.  I wasn’t going to have that so I just deleted it.

Then LK mentioned that I’d posted 3 times in the year.  And he’s right, I haven’t!  I’ve been very, very absent of late.  It’s not for a lack of things to post, I mean, heck, I could realistically post anything!  No, it’s more because it’s been rather silent in my world.  All I have is that I’m raiding on World of Warcraft, I sometimes check in on my SecondLife friends, and I’m occasionally writing still.  My 360 burnt out, I guess that’s news.

I do have a few finished works that I could post, though.  The big concern I have is that they’re on the risqué end of the spectrum, meaning more heading to my Deviant Art page.  Eh…  They’re there regardless.  If anyone would rather I post them here, please let me know!


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I know that.

I don’t like the fact that I’ve not been posting things. I have things that I could put a preview up, I guess, but that just seems like baiting right now. For some reason, I just have been lacking the drive to write. Again.

I’m starting to wonder if the issue is a lack of focus. When I was first writing, I would write a blog about something that was on my mind, then get to work on my novel. That was me in a nutshell. Now, though, these are what I have going on:

No Way Back – Novel. 85k words in and suddenly dead in the water.
Wulf’s Special Mount (working title)- A short story loosely based on some RP with friends from Evony/”The Princess and the Were” from way back when.
Origins of the LoneWulf – Written but I desperately need to clean it up.
The Dreamstalker 6 – A Nightmare to End It All – Trying to close out that series.
The Gnomish Woman’s Quandary (working title) – A special request by a good WoW friend. No response to their preview is kinda holding that one back.
Stalking the Stalker (working title) – WoW-RP-based dream sequence short. I’ll save the details for later.
(Currently Untitled) – Short about what might happen if what you read or dreamed became your reality.

That’s seven different titles that I’m working on, or was before the sudden Wall-O-Blocking, and this doesn’t even count the various ideas that I keep having and have yet to even start working on a storyline! That’s obviously a lot on one person’s plate. It’s all self-imposed, I know, but I’m wondering of the amount of work I’m trying to do is causing my focus to be just outright shot.

I’m also not sleeping well thanks to World of Warcraft. More specifically, the Dragon Soul raid. My raid group is a west-coast raiding group and I’m on the east coast, meaning we don’t even get into the raid until nearly midnight! I’m focusing a lot on getting my hunter where he’s supposed to be for the raids, but in order to do that, I have to completely re-learn my rotations and stats because I have to change specs! I’m a Beast Master hunter, but right now it’s the Survival hunters that do the max damage and I’m just not adapting well. I’m doing decently if you look at my playing as a Beast Master only, but apparently there’s no comparison when looking at SV. Looks like I’m in line for a new set of gear. Again. All the theorycrafting and inspecting multiple hunter forums is exhausting when you’re trying to be all that you can to help out your guild. That and just about all of my friends are apparently west-coasters, too…

I am still here, though. I do pop on and check the submissions that come along, just not as much as I used to. I’ve met too many awesome people here to just up and disappear.

It’s quiet in this hole today…

RToD 25JAN2012 – Life Starts When? (Or, Pro-Lifer’s Petitions)

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Random Thought of the Day – Life Starts When? (Or, Pro-Lifer’s Petitions)

Those of you who’ve known my blog for any length of time know that I’m not afraid of discussing politics. There’s been one time that I wrote a political piece that I censored it myself simply because the topic with grossly hot-button at the time. (Gun control when the Senator got shot in the head) Normally, though, I’m fine with accepting discussion about politics because I believe that more people should do so.

From the title of this, I’m certain that this is going to cause some serious confusion for those who see it, and I honestly have a feeling that people are going to read a little bit and not bother to read the whole bleeding thing before writing to me one way or another.

I got an e-mail today from the website townhall.com. This is a very conservative site, and I believe I got on their mailing list when I wrote their site before. Anyways, the e-mail was to get me to sign a petition demanding that congress pass a law that states that life starts “At Conception.” The idea is to bypass the Supreme Court’s Rowe vs. Wade ruling by taking advantage of the court’s own statement that they cannot and will not determine when life begins, and creating a set point in time that a fertilized egg is alive. Doing so would bypass RvW and outright make abortions legal. Yay for the “pro-lifers,” right? Read the rest of this post »

The Scenic Route’s Detour – A World of Warcraft-inspired Short

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Lonewulf as he was on 12NOV2011

It’s no secret that I play World of Warcraft.  I’ve actually been playing (almost daily) since June or July of 2009.  I started out as a male Night Elf Hunter and played ONLY a male Night Elf Hunter for about a year. I also had a Druid whose name I was saving for the then-announced Cataclysm, but he’s since become an off-played alt for when I don’t want to do anything important, as well as randomly creating characters to try the starting zones only to kill them off a few days later on way back to my original.  When the Shattering hit, I created a Tauren hunter so I could learn the new hunter’s setup without looking too much a fool on my original character.  I now sit on a half-dozen hunters (yeah, I like hunters, so sue me) of different races and factions, a few priests, a paladin, a pair of druids, and one shaman who is the biggest standout of all my characters because there’s a really weird back story behind it.  All in all, I think I have 16 characters floating around out there.  I play a lot…

Lonewulf's Pets

Who doesn't like having huge animals around?

Anywho, one of the biggest things I found myself enjoying the most was the social aspect of the game.  There were all kinds of people all over the place!  Some of them were nice, friendly, chatty, while others were elitist pricks.  Being on a Player versus Enemy server (PvE) without it being a RolePlay (RP-PvE) server, I figured there would be little room for me to be roleplaying.  Boy, was I wrong!  I quickly developed friendships with people who were almost as heavy into RP as I was!  Not so much the over-the-top, “Oh my God, you broke character, how dare you shatter my pretend world” type roleplayers but people who would do some friendly introductions and play-bantering.  I had a blast!  I even had a 45-minute conversation with a Game Master (GM, someone who actually has a lot of power in the game, hired by Blizzard to help players out, interact with the world, and institute instantaneous justice when needed) that started because I was trying to get a particular name on a new realm (sadly, that failed) and then progressed to what it’s like being a GM, crybaby players on the forums, and then a little bit of actual light roleplay with the GM to help them understand that roleplaying is all about writing out your actions, thoughts, expressions, and emotions and not so much having some awesome character in mind.  Then again, being a GM, you’re practically a GOD on the game.  A god that can be fired for causing issues, but a god nonetheless.  Read the rest of this post »

Navi says, “Hey! Listen!”

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For no real reason, I went into my library and pulled out a book I’d not read since I finished it the first time. It was the second manga I’d ever purchased, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Vol. 1. Yes, it is most definitely real. Anyway, as I read it, I developed the urge to listen to the game music. Then the idea struck me: Why listen to it when I can PLAY it! WOOT!

So, I set about hunting down the GameCube game disc that I adopted from my wife. I found it, got all excited and then remembered something: My Wii is broken. The optical drive no longer reads discs. I was further saddened to remember that my wife made me sell the GameCube to afford the Wii. And I don’t have any Wii/Gamecube emulators on my computer. What was I to do?

That’s easy! I pulled out my Donkey Kong 64 edition clear-green N64! You read that right! The same piece of hardware I bought brand-spankin’-new in 1999 (and pissed my parents off with because they had intended to buy it for me for Christmas) was my 2011 hardware of choice!

I learned a few things. First, the AV cables don’t stay soft and supple forever. If you have any way of protecting any plastic/vinyl-covered cables, make sure to do so BEFORE storing your consoles. Second, I learned that my 720P Westinghouse flatpanel differentiates between S-Video and Video. It only took me 20 minutes of arguing with my television and listening to the awesome theme song of DK64 to discover this. How did I discover it? I turned on “Auto Input Select” and it went to what I’d labeled “Cable”. *facepalm* Third, I learned that I’d forgotten to take the batteries out of my Rumble Pack. *double-facepalm* Luckily it’s just some mild surface corrosion on the spring and contact, so I’ll be able to fix it. Fourth, I discovered that big, red start buttons attract the attention of children very well. I can’t tell you how often my son hit Start on me. It was hilarious anyways! Finally, I discovered that I really, REALLY need to replace the analog sticks on two of my controllers. At least I have 2 nice, firm thumbsticks in the back.

I also learned that Nintendo did something that I hadn’t realized until today: They tuned their consoles to work with the typically-fuzzier displays of the time. I remember my games looking nice, the glowing lines flowing and just beautiful. On my new, higher-definition display that doesn’t show the “fuzz” so well. There’s so much jagged imagery that I thought my console was broken! It’s not. The games were just designed for an entirely different light display. the cost of playing classic games on hi-def TV’s, I guess.

Ultimately it didn’t bother me much. I was too busy starting a fresh save file on Ocarina of Time and reveling in my old, senior-in-high-school fun times. Those were the days. No bills, no money concerns, no major responsabilities. Just me, my mom’s older TV set, and my N64…